Fox & Badge: Night of the Spirits

When it comes to Halloween, I find that a lot of my ‘alternative’ friends try to avoid the big parties as much as they can. I don’t blame them, it is the time of year where everyone believes to be a goth, so as much as it is nice to blend in with the crowd, the parties tend to be a bit meh. Kind of like going out to the West End on New Year’s Eve….you know you will be disappointed (side note: I am actually doing exactly that this year, but any event with my OH is always a blast!)

So, as mentioned in my previous post, this year was my first time not going to Torture Garden. Mind you, last year I went to both of their Halloween balls, so I feel like I have done enough of them for a while. AND….. also there was no way in hell I was going to miss a Fox & Badge party. If you read this post, then you know I loved their last one, and this one was equally, if not, better, than last time.

This time the event was held at my favourite venue, Electrowerks, and even though the ground floor was off-limits, they still had the top two floors open. And to be honest, they should have paid extra for the ground floor because the place was PACKED. After queuing for almost 45min, we finally got in, and once again, the decor was on point. Think candelabras, occult religious artefacts, smoke-filled rooms, exorcist inspired contortionist…the list goes on. This event was on a much larger scale than their summer ball, and they surely know how to step things up. On the stage floor, they had an array of shows, and I did finally manage to catch 2 acts. One of them involved a woman being suspended by chains while undertaking some extreme body modification which was quite captivating to say the least. Even the usual burlesque show was actually really nice which is a big statement considering I am becoming quite bored of the same stuff.

The organisation of the night was also very good – the were plenty of staff behind the bar, so I never had to wait for  more than 10min to be served. The cloackroom was the same, I was able to check my stuff in within 5 minutes, and there was no wait when I when to collect it my stuff at 5am. I’ve heard TG had a bit of a nightmare on that front, so I am glad I didn’t go!

The music was techno on both floors, but the downstairs dance floor was filled with smoke, and by filled, I mean, it was so smoky you could barely see at arm’s length. I loved it. It was almost as if you were alone in your bedroom and no one could see you getting lost in the music. People seem to also like it as it was also full of people dancing away.

We, of course also need to mention the people. Because at the end of the day, it is the people that make the party. First of all, the people really went to town for this event. I’ve been to a few TGs and this was by far a much more creative space when it came to outfits. From elaborate medieval get-ups, to gothic Queens, and aztec warriors. I think I did spend my first hour or so complimenting every person I walked by. It was also nice to see some usual faces, and the new people I met were extremely nice and fun to chat to.

I cannot honestly think of a negative thing to say. I wish I wasn’t as ill as I was that night, but I am so glad I  managed to pull through and enjoy the party, because it was one of those night you didn’t want to miss.

Next week I will be turning up the heat by attending a Blue Door Dungeon Social, so watch this space.

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