{Review} A Night with Mr C in Chat Noir, Gothenburg

Before deep diving into the juicy parts of this post, I feel I need to give y’all some context as to where I have been/what’s been going on with my life recently, or else this entire post may be confusing to those who follow this website.

For the past few months I have been dating someone, and things are going, well, very well if I say so myself. I wasn’t looking for another serious relationship, as I was very aware that I needed some serious healing time after OH but the world had other plans for me and who am I to question the universe? So I jumped into the deep end with this guy, and it looks like it was the right decision to make. We shall name the mystery guy Mr C, and let me say that Mr C is not only not from the scene, but he is also vanilla (I know!) I think on a subsconcious level I was after some normality and stability in my life, and I got just what I was asking for.

I guess I should admit that he is not ‘completely vanilla’ in the sense that a)he is a bit of a metal head and b) he has been extremely understanding and supportive of my ways. He hasn’t freaked out (yet!) about my likes and my fond for BDSM, which is such a relief for me, specially after having experienced some serious judgement about my lifestyle late last year from someone I thought was a friend. We are of course taking things very slowly on this front, and can’t believe I am saying this, but I am thoroughly enjoying what we,scene folks, call ‘plain boring vanilla sex’. Who knew this was possible!

Anyways, a little while ago we were talking about strip clubs and he mentioned that he went to one as part of a stag do last year and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have done my fair share of strip clubs, and I have quite varying views on them dependant on the venues in question. So, when a trip to Gothenburg came up, we decided it would be fun for us to go together to one. Now mind you, I have never gone to a strip club with a partner so I thought it was a brilliant idea to try out. Mr C and I have the kind of relationship where we are brutally honest with each other, and we are quite obsessed with each other (if I say so myself) so the idea didn’t feel strange at all – if anything, it felt exciting.

Once in Gothenburg, we decided to make it a proper date night, so after some fancy dinner and some drinks at the amazing Rockbaren, it was time to head to Chat Noir (which according to some local friends, it was the fancier of the two strips clubs in the city) I was surprisingly feeling nervous while walking to the club as this was a new experience for me, but all the nerves melted as soon as I walked into the club. It never ceases to amaze me how ‘at home’ I feel at sex/fetish clubs.

After paying the entrance fee (which was about £15 per person) we were greeted by a rather nice and spacious venue, with the typical red lighting and black leather sofas. We arrived after midnight but it was still rather empty, with the girls all hanging out by the stage chatting to each other. The city’s strict alcohol rules meant that the bar only had low alcohol drinks (beer & cider) which wasn’t ideal, but when in Rome…! So we got some drinks and decided to sit in one of the corners at the back and take the atmosphere in. The gist of the club was that there was a ‘show’ every 20min – the girls were, as expected, from different ethnic backgrounds and they were all wearing sexy lingerie as it was Lingerie Thursday. The shows were a bit ‘meh’ to be honest, but at least the music was rather good.

One thing that struck me straight away was that the girls would approach the other customers, but not us – simply because I was a girl. When I have been at other cities, the situation was quite the opposite – the girls would always come to me straight away as they knew that as a couple, we were most likely be there looking for a dance. As the night progressed, and the club was getting busier and busier, I knew that if we wanted a dance I would have to actually get up and approach the girls myself. Mr C had his eye on a redhead with tattoos and I really liked the ‘girl next door’ one. After some discussions on pricing/options, the girls took us to a private room that resembled the Peepshow in Berlin. Think red velvet drapes, a red velour sofa and a bed with, you guessed it, more velour. Mr C sat in the sofa, while I laid on the bed. The way the room was set up was in such a way that Mr C would see me but I couldn’t see him. I had the redhead on me for a while, dancing over me while slowly taking her clothes off – after a while the blonde one joined her and I had both of them on me, before the redhead then moving to Mr C for the last part of the dance. I would have loved to have seen the girls on Mr C, but that would be for the next visit 🙂

So how was the experience, you ask?

The club in itself was really nice in terms of decor and how big it was. The girls were okay-ish. To be an ‘upmarket’ club I was expecting the ‘shows’ to be a lot more elaborate and for the girls to be alot more on the ‘high-end’ part of the scale, which wasn’t the case. The girls we chose did try to change the pricing as soon as we were due to start which is a tactic I see at lower-end clubs, so I wasn’t super sold on that but nothing that I couldn’t handle. The private dance in itself was really good, and well worth the visit.

In terms of Mr C and I, and our experience – we definetely enjoyed it and we want to do it again in London soon. I have been eyeing 23 Paul Street for a while so that would likely be our next visit.

I guess my only reservation with strip clubs is that I am always going to struggle with the fact that it is a business transaction. There is obviously nothing wrong with that, but I am someone who has spent a lot of time in the past building strong connections on a sensual/fetish front, so having to pay for intimacy and not being able to touch, are foreign concepts to me. I can understand and see the appeal of strip clubs, but they will never beat a dungeon social for me.

Anyway, I am still on a quest to visit more strips clubs in the near future, so watch this space!

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