{Erotica} Living the Fantasy…

It has been so long since I last saw him. The last time was last summer, that fateful weekend filled with debauchery and tenderness, both in equal measures. Even as I stand here, staring into those dreamy hazel eyes, I can week my heart rasing and the heat rising from between my legs. I hate that even after all this time, one look is all it takes. But I cannot lie either – I love our little game.

You see, I have a thing for the long game – the slow build up that takes its time. The weekly texts, the odd picture, the naughty voice note..it add slowly add ups until one day, the stars align and you find yourself sharing a terrace with the devil itself.

He walks towards me, with that playful grin of his – the one that always sends me off a cliff because I know he has a plan, a plan that I may not be able to resist for long. His hand grips my hips as he looks into mye yes, his smile turning into a serious stare. I instinstily lower my eyes towards the floor. Why do I submit to him so easily? He turns me around and gently grips my hair, pulling my head towards him and making myy neck available to him. He remembers how much I love having my neck kissed. His lips start showering me gently with kissed, while his grip on my hair tightens. I let a low groan at the feeling of his gentle kisses combined with his strong hand pulling my hair. The feel of his lips, the smell of his aftershave, the feel of his groin against me. It all feels too fast but also not fsat enough.

As his kisses become more forceful, almost deperate, his hand lets go of my hair and grabs my neck, forcing me to turn and look at him. His eyes lock into mine for what feels like an eternity, and I memorise him whole – the long hair, the beauty mark just below his eye, the 2 day stubble… and he then kisses me hard, on the lips. Oh god, how much have I missed his lips? He manouvers me so that I turn to completely face him, and holds my face in between his hands.

‘My beauty, have you missed me?

I shy away because I know I should resist him, but I just can’t. When it comes to him, my body takes control and there is nothing I can do about it. All I know its that I want him, all of him, right now.

As if he read my mind, he pulls me closer to him so that our lips meet. He places his hand on my thigh, searching gently for the slit opening in my dress and meeting my lace knickers. His fingers caresses my pussy through the fabric while his mouth is still locked to mine, hungrily wanting more. Each kiss more forceful and delicious than the last. His hand starts teasing my clitoris through the lace fabric and I can feel my legs shaking. I try to contain my balance but my heels are not helping, and all I can feel is my wetness slowly dripping down my leg while he continues to plays with my clit. He can sense I am struggling to keep straight, so he grabs my waist and pulls me even closer to him. His face pulls away, finally allowing me to breathe.

‘So….are you ready to play, Lil One?’

To be continued….

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