Checking out…..Blue Door Dungeon

As I mentioned in my last post, my next ‘new and exciting’ event after the Fox & Badge was Blue Door Dungeon. I feel like the past 3 years have been spent going to mainly more club/commercial events, and quite frankly, I am getting a bit bored of the same nights. So my first stop was to check a ‘proper dungeon’.

Prior to visiting Blue Door, I didn’t have much information, only that a friend went once and loved it and thought it would be the sort of place I was after. And he was right. After purchasing a ticket to their monthly social (£20 + booking fee), I was greeted by the servant who runs this place alongside his beautiful Dom. The entrance is a innocent looking blue door (hence the name!), with some steep stairs leading downstairs. As soon as you come in, there is a good size bathroom (with quite a large shower), a chill out area with sofas and a TV, and then the dungeon. As soon as you come into the dungeon, there is a nice king size bed on the right and then the actual ‘dungeon’ is straight ahead. At the end of the room there is also a small kitchen.

The first thing to mention is this place is filled with stuff; cages, St Paul’s Cross, restraining bench, swings, pillory, chain walls, paddles, floggers, gags, blindfolds, medical equipment…honestly, the list goes on. Think of something and they have it. If anything, I found it overwhelming having all that choice…one does not know what to begin with!

The second thing to mention is the hospitality. The dom and her servant were the nicest people by far, making sure we were feeling comfortable at all times and always up for a chat. They offered free drinks until midnight, and then everybody bought their own drinks for afters. I was being sensible giving the place I was, so after a few drinks I was more than happy to switch to water but my OH was happy that he could bring his favourite drink along.

The crowd was a real mixture, and it as nice to see a place with not only people from different ages but also ethnicity. I still find this subculture to be predominantly white, so it is nice to find an outlet that truly welcomes everyone. Their monthly social accepts up to 50 people, and in this night there were about 40 or so but I must admit it feel a tiny bit too crowded at one point. I think there were quite of us playing and we could feel we were a bit in each others’ space. However, the good thing about having a nice number is that you have more people to talk and play with. There were quite a few doms on the nights as well who are in the scene professionally and they were really nice and always willing to demonstrate or answer any questions. I must admit, the overall vibe was extremely friendly.

Apart from their monthly socials, the Blue Door Dungeon is available for hire, from an hour to an entire weekend. I have this as a to do list, and I feel I need an entire dungeon to myself for a whole night just so I can truly try a bit of everything.

Bottom line, would I go again? Absolutely. I must say that I had a lot more fun in here than I have done in a lot of recent events.

Next event?? Killing Kittens….

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