Zara Du Rose : My thoughts

The initial plan two weeks ago was to attend as many events during the London Fetish Weekend as I could. The weekend took place from the 3rd until the 7th of October and there was a plethora of things to do: from workshops, to markets and of course, some great parties. Sadly, I was not prepared (as always), and I ended up only going to one party. However, it turned out to be a pretty good night, so I am not complaining!

For those who may not know, Zara duRose is a well known name in the fetish scene – she is an amazing adult actress, model, and entrepreneur. She is also becoming a name when it comes to Fetish parties, as these are becoming more and more popular. I went to my first ZdR event back in January when it was a much smaller affair, but this time they manage to open all access at one of my favourite clubs, Scala, in King’s Cross.

ZdR is very much aligned to places like AC and TG but on a smaller scale. So you would find the usual dance floor, dungeon, couples room and a few dark corners to misbehave. This particular event was run alongside Subversion, so the dungeon was definitely the place to be seen. There were shows by the main bar and by the stage for the first half of the night but I somehow missed it all! My OH knows a lot of people in the scene so we did end up spending the first half of the night talking – or at least this is the excuse I am going to use, as I am getting annoyed at myself for the fact I keep missing shows on my fetish night outs! The music was your usual techno thing, but it did turn into cheesy indie/rock after 4am which for me was bliss, but not so much for my OH. The people were a mixture of what I call the ‘usual crowd’ and a few new faces but I do feel like these events are starting to become a social for me.

As I mentioned before, when I went to their event back in January, they only had access to the first two floors, so the dungeon was a tiny room at the back by the main bar and the couples room/second dungeon was behind the dance floor. It was nice that now they managed to open the top floor and make that entire place the dungeon. The usual equipment/furniture was there and it was spacious enough. The bar in the dungeon was by far the one with the fastest service, so if you were not playing, you were drinking. Good combo if you ask me!

Overall for me it was a good night, but to be honest, nothing stood out for me. For me the night was great because I was surrounded by people I love, and it is always a blast going out with my OH. However, there was nothing that made this event any different from AC or even TG. I think that after 2 years of going to ‘clubby’ nights out, I feel like I have seen it all now, and it is time to venture to other territories. If you are new to the scene, then I would strongly recommend these club nights, but now I think me, and this blog is ready for more.

Stay tuned!

One thought on “Zara Du Rose : My thoughts

  1. I think the last ZDR by all accounts was very ‘flat’ and not particularly impressive. And don’t call the music they were playing techno! I liked it because of the people but was disappointed by the actual event.

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