London Night Life: What’s next?

It seems that my blog is becoming the place where people check out what quirky or alternative events I am planning to go to, or are happening in the City in general. I find this so interesting as my blog was once upon a time a place where I would review all the books I read, but it seems people are more interested in the weird and the wonderful than my literature choices. The summer was the time for festivals and lazy Sundays spent in the pub/park so now that September is here and it is officially ‘back to school’ time, our shenanigans are back in full force!!

Here is where you will most probably find me in the next few months.

  1. Klub Verboten – September 15th

My favourite fetish event by far, you can read all about it in my blog here. This time around they are celebrating their 2 year anniversary, and whilst I think there won’t be much difference to their last events, this is for me a plus as their nights are always amazing. You have to become a member to buy tickets and they are almost sold out so this may be a tricky one to join now. You can read all about Verboten here!



2. Club Pedestal – September 27th

A club where Dom women and Sub men meet and play. You don’t really have to be a dominant woman to attend, but if you ever been curious, then this is the place to be. The atmosphere is very chilled and everyone is really nice and friendly. The downside is that it happens on a Thursday, so unless you can get Friday off work, it is tricky to make it a proper wild night. Info here!

3. Reptile – September 29th

When people ask me what is my go-to night, my answer is always the same: Reptile. Once hosted in Archway and now in Camden, this is a goth/rock night with great music and even greater people. The man behind the event, Arif, is not only an amazing DJ but also a really good host and you will often find him amongst the crowd, talking to everyone and ensuring that everyone is having a good time. This is a very relaxed night, almost like you are going to a pub for a few drinks but with amazing music and cool people. More info here!




4. Dark Circus – October 27th

Which brings us to Halloween time! Once my favourite time of the year, it is slowly regaining its place in my heart, and for the first time in a long time, I am looking forward to it. Also, for the first time in 4 years, I am not going to TG (shock horror!)

Dark Circus is an event I am yet to discover, so best I leave the link here for you to check out. Needless to say, anything to do with 1920s Circus is right up my alley.

5. Fox & Badger – November 2nd

By far the best night out I have had in my life, you can read my review here. F&B know how to throw a party, expect the unexpected and more. They are definitely making a name for themselves in the scene, so tickets are almost sold out. The music is techno, which is not my thing, but the effort they make into their events is so great, that the music is just but a small part of their appeal. This is a night where there is so much going on, you don’t even know where to begin! Sensory overload done well. More info and tickets here!

6. Torture Garden – November 2nd

Which brings me to the party I know everyone is always looking forward to. The place to see and be seen, and the event I have not missed in 4 years: Torture Garden Halloween Ball. The shocking thing? It happens to be on the same night as the F&B so this will be my first time missing it. Torture Garden’s reputation is second to none, and they have a new venue now that the Coronet is no longer available (the joys of gentrification). TG is the largest fetish event in Europe, so expect latex, kink, dark rooms, dungeons and the nicest of people. Tickets are not yet for sale, but you can check all their info in their site here!


From mid-November I am in full Christmas mode which I know is crazy for some people, but Christmas is my favourite time of year, so the kinky events do take a back seat. I may go to TG Winter Ball if I feel like I have missed out on TG Halloween, but will see how November goes.

What others events do you think I should be checking out?

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