‘It’s just a Fantasy’ by my Little Pet

Today I am bringing you, my beloved family, something rather special. For today I am allowing my Little Pet to write a few words about one of his favourite ways to start a scene. My pet has been part of my life for some years, and so, it brings me so much joy to allow him a tiny corner of this universe of mine.

I hope you enjoy his tale as much as I do.

So, without further ado, let’s delve in!


I don’t know why I was nervous to meet her again, but because our past meetings had been across a dinner table, I knew this one was going to be different. I caught myself looking at other people on the train, wondering if they could guess what I was on my way to do, wondering if they could guess what was in my bag. I knew they didn’t know, but for some reason I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. Thankfully there was only a few more stops.

As I hopped off the train I could feel the bitter cold of the November wind. I checked my phone again to make sure I was heading in the right direction and off I went. It was only a short ten minute walk before I was at her door. I raised my hand, closed my fist and knocked. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Three seconds felt like three minutes before I heard something. She was approaching the door, I could hear each footstep and the sound of the boots on the wooden floor. The door opened…

She looked me up and down, smiled and said “Hello Pet”. I gulped, time slowed down as I admired her leopard print latex bodysuit, elbow length latex gloves and patent high ankled boots. I smiled back and stepped into her house, not having a clue as to what she had in store for me. She directed me into the bedroom where I saw four restraints on each corner of the bed frame, assuming that they were placed there for me.

As I entered the bedroom I felt her hand come from behind and cover my mouth, pulling me close into her.

“You’re going to be a good pet for me today, aren’t you?”

With her tight grip over my mouth, all I could do was nod and muffle a “Yes, Lady”.


Her hands slowly caressed my body from behind, running over the most sensitive and intense areas and I couldn’t help but let out a few whimpers as she did. It wasn’t long before she was removing all my clothes and leaving me in just my underwear. I felt vulnerable…

Get the hood” she said, with a forcible tone.

I went over to my bag, unzipped it and pulled out the latex hood and shiner. I handed it back to her and she smirked, caressing the delicate material with her freshly manicured hands.


I did as I was told and knelt before her. She ran her hands through my hair and walked around me. Circling me like prey. But I felt safe in her shadow, safe in her hands. The hood was placed over me and gently zipped up from the back.

Much better, pet

I could hear the spray of the shiner as she started to gloss the hood and make it reflective to her desire. When she was done there was a deafening silence. I was on my knees, waiting for Lady to take action or instruct. I was in her domain and completely under her control. I felt the soft touch of her thumb running over my lips and I sharply exhaled as it sent quivers through my body. It felt so good to be touched by her, to be graced by her, to be caressed by her.

I have a few ideas for you today, but I’ve just noticed that my boots are a bit dusty so I’m going to have you deal with those first”

She walked away from me and toward her bed, lay back and let her boots dangle off the edge.

Get to work then pet...”

As I crawled over, all I could think about was proving myself to her. I needed to show how eager and obedient I could be for her and give myself the best chance to be invited back. I embraced her left boot, holding it as if it were an expensive piece of china and got to work. Running my hands over every inch, thinking about what a privilege it was to be in this position and so desperate to do a good job and please her. The patent material felt so soft in my hands, such a smooth surface deserved such a delicate touch.

L-l-lady, please may I lick?

I was so desperate to find out what it was going to feel like to taste her boots. To caress them with my tongue. To worship them…

“…You may

Within seconds I had my tongue wrapped around the heel, panting, whimpering and drooling all over them. I was determined to meet her high standards. There was no other option to me. Pure, unfiltered servitude. During the whole time I was serving, cleaning and worshipping her boots she didn’t even say one thing. I glanced up at her and she wasn’t even watching. She’d been ignoring me this whole time whilst she read her book. I wasn’t even deserved of her glance whilst at her boots. So many emotions were running through my head at this moment in time but the one true constant for me was that I was there to do a job. I was there for her. I was there for Lady.

Both of my hands caressed each boot individually whilst my tongue covered every inch of the material. My tongue felt like it was going through a maze the way it was feeling every part of the boot. The laces, the buckles, the heel and the sole. Such a treat for a boot boy like myself.

Okay, I think you’re done now

I immediately stop and look up at her. Her piercing eyes look down upon me. I’m a mess. I have saliva all over my chin after relentlessly working my tongue around her boots and I’ve got carried away in the moment.

“Up on the bed, now

It wasn’t long before each of my limbs was being attached to each restraint at the corner of the bed, pulling them apart and leaving me completely vulnerable to whatever she wanted to do to me. She picked up her phone, and suddenly the lights in the room turned a deep, deep red. As she walked round the bed, I could see she had something in her hand, a blindfold. It was placed over my eyes in seconds, and I could feel her lips just inches from mine…

“This might sting a little

She gave me the lightest of kisses on my lips. I gulped. I had no idea what she had planned, but all I knew was that whatever it was going to be I’d be very very grateful for…

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