{Review} Poetry and Perfumes at Seeking Venus

Oh boy, am I behind on reviews! Shall we get started?

So last month I finally ventured to Seeking Venus. I say ‘finally’ because I’ve been hearing a lot of positive things about it, but they are only ran once or twice a year and we all know how bad I am at planning, so they always crashed with another event. That is until now, when a good friend of mine not only told me about it but also gave me enough notice so I didn’t miss it (again!)

So, what is Seeking Venus, you ask?

According to their website SS is a “sensual sanctuary for the exploration of sexuality and soul, kink and connection”. Their website does it give it more flavour with the following:

At Seeking Venus you can choose to revel in a range of experiences, from erotic story telling, to parlour games to immersive performance; all designed to provoke, intrigue and develop chemistry between seekers. Our Venusians will help guide the way, whether it’s adventures for the mind, body or heart you desire. You may decide to follow your own path on the night – absorb the atmosphere, browse the boutique, delve deeper on the dancefloor – or allow yourself to be taken by the hand…

So, in ‘scene’ terms, it is a kinkier version of A Curious Invitation (review here)

So, how did I find it?

It was a real mixed bag, to be honest. Let’s start with the location – a beautiful 3 floor bar/members club that resembled the Kings Head Members Club (minus the taxidermy). It was decorated with drapes, comfortable velvet sofas and chaise longues and the like. There was only one bar, which was understaffed so waiting times were too long at times. The middle floor was the ‘social’ floor where there were a few shop stalls, and a nice comfy area with chairs and other furtinures to lie down. There was a dance floor downstairs, which was a nice addition, but unfortunately the music was all over the place and mostly undanceable.

The shows/activities were varied, but the organisation of these was rather poor. There was an amazing immersive poetry session on the top floor, which you were only allowed to take part if the right steward gave you a pass. Luckily I knew the steward so I was able to obtain entry, but it felt slightly elitist to have it ran that way. There was a perfume station where this amazing woman would ask you questions and create your personalised scent, but she was sitting right next to the dance floor so it was almost impossible to hear her and I felt bad for her as she had to ocntanstly raise her voice to be heard. Another host was asking us to write our desires in a piece of paper so that someone else could read it and fulfill it, but we found out that barely anyone wrote an accurate description of themselves, making it impossible to follow through. So while there was a nice number of shows/activities, the execution of these were poor.

Whilst I do understand that the venue being on the small side of things makes it difficult for shows to really flourish (places like Vanitas suffer from this too), this all becomes a real problem when we discuss pricing. Because let me tell you that tickets were steep at £50 pp and drinks were not cheap either (they did, however, offer a voucher system were drinks did become cheaper if you bought them as a bundle)

For the price, I think the event was simply not worth it – it was too short (it finished at 2am) and the shows/activities were too few and far in between to really get your money’s worth. While I did enjoy the night very much, that was only because I went as part of a group I haven’t seen in a while and so, I was just so happy to be able to catch up with friends. It was also Mr C’s first event and so, I was just experiencing everything from his newbie eyes.

So, do I recommend it?

It would have to be a no from me – only because places like A Curious Invitation and even Vanitas are better at events of this nature and are more reasonably priced. I do think there is a huge potential for this event to be utterly amazing, but they have to fine tune their offering (and get better music!)

Until next time!

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