So Long and Thanks for all The Kink

Today’s post starts with a little homage to one of my favourite authors of all time. It seems fitting, as this blog was for me a literature den for over 10 years.

Back when I started in 2011, this blog was named diferently, and it was mainy about fashion and make-up (I know you can’t belive it, neither can I!) and then it slowly moved towards books (a much better choice). And whilst it was nowhere as popular as it is now, it was my little creative escape and I loved it. Then 2017 happened.

In early 2017, I took a gamble and I wrote my first Kink piece. It was about my beloved Club Anti-Christ. That post did really well and for the first time I was connecting with people. I started receiving messages with questions about other events, and so I obey and carried on. It was also around that time that I was fully immersing myself in the world of Kink & Fetish. I went to every club, every munch, every dungeon social. You name it, and I was there. There were some of my craziest years, and whilst there were some dark moments, I have now plenty of funny anecdotes to share and some amazing friends.

Move foward to 2022, and I must admit that this space no longer fits me. If I being brutally honest, it hasn’t been my ‘space’ for quite some time. I am a different person in many ways to who I was back in 2017/2018. I have tested the waters over and over again, and have finally found my comforts. I am no longer going to every club, and the fears of YOLO simply no longer exists in my world. Don’t get me wrong, I am far from being a nun (in the traditional sense) but I am doing things my way. I am also aware that it is not only me who has changed -the world has changed too, and whilst writing will always be my first love, social media thesedays is about ‘fast, bite size’ content. Blogging is dead. And so, I am evolving, rather than being left behind.

So whilst this blog will no longer be updated, it will remain active for those souls who happen to end here. Me, on the other hand, am joining the kids over at Tiktok (I know….I can’t believe it either). For now there is only old videos of my cats (who doesn’t love cats videos anyways) but come January, there will be some fun updates on there. And to round things off, I will be starting weekly Twitch streams from January, where you can see me play some classic games horribly wrong!

Last but by no means least, thank you! Thank you for subscribing, for reading my posts, for leaving comments, and for being so kind when you saw me at events. You are a wonderful bunch and I will miss this corner of the internet. I hope my rambles were at the very least, entertaining, and that it made you venture out into the wild and crazy nights that London offers. I wish you an amazing Christmas and an even better 2023.

Until our paths cross again.

Lady Lilith x

One thought on “So Long and Thanks for all The Kink

  1. Thanks Lady Lilith for these outstanding articles. Before we ever went to a fetish club it was so very valuable, fun and helpful to read your posts. Times change and we have to accept that; knowing when its time to do something else is very important. Good luck with what lies ahead for you privately and in terms of work. All the best.

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