Where to Find Me Next? March/April 2019

Welcome to a new segment in my blog where I give you a small peak into some of the events I will be attending in the near future. The list is not limited to kink events, but as this is me, it is heavily biased towards that side of things. Let’s go!

  1. Camden Munch

A ‘Munch’ in the kink scene is another word for a ‘social’. It’s usually held at a pub and it takes the form of a very laid back, casual evening where you can meet like minded people. As it is held in a public space, there is no nudity or play, this is simply the opportunity to meet new people and see where things could go – it is also a great place to hear about new events. There are literally dozens of munches that take place in London, and many are aimed at specific people (such as geeks, under 35s, polys, and so on) A personal favourite for me is the Camden Munch as it is in Camden (and we all know how much I love that place) and it tends to get quite busy, which is also something I like. The munch takes place this Friday, 15th of March from 6pm at the Canalside Bar @ Lock 17.

     2. AN = 7

Alternative Nightlife is a meet up group, organised by the amazing Gingle’s List, in where she hosts pre-meet ups to a whole lot of events, some kink, some just dark and mysterious. I met my OH while we both were at an AN meet up, so I have a lot to thank this group! AN has over 7000 member, making it one of the largest in the world. To celebrate their 7th year, the group is throwing a birthday party at The Owl & Hitchhiker this Saturday, March 16th from 8pm. This is not a kink event, but you will get to meet some lovely people from the scene (me included!) For details and tickets, click here.

   3. Club Pedestal

If you haven’t heard of Pedestal, you can read all about my recent visit here. Needless to say, I had such a great time, that I am paying a return visit straight away. This is a fetish event aimed at dominant women and submissive men, however, it has an amazing welcoming feel, so even if you don’t fall into this category, you are bound to have a good time. The people behind this event are one of the nicest I have encountered and the energy of the night is electrifying. It takes places on Thursday (I know, a school-night!) 28th of March at Fire in Vauxhall. You can get more info by checking their website.

  4. Fox & Badge

The party of the year. That is all I can say. You can read my two past experiences here and here. This is not a kink event, but there is a certain palpable sensual and dark energy running throughout the night that captivates you and takes you to a complete different realm. See? I am talking in tongues just thinking about it! It is immersive, creative and thought-provoking. This time around the theme is Religion, and let me tell you, my outfit is my most elaborate to date (hint: my convent upbringing is making an appearance). Come and join me! It takes place on Saturday 6th of April at The Steel Yard. Tickets and more info here.

5. Liberation Libertines- London Edition

Last but by no means least! LL is a monthly-run fetish event, and one I haven’t been to before. Well, that is technically not true as I have been to their Brighton event some time back which was a fantastic night so I am hoping their London event is just as good. It takes place at a favourite venue of mine, Murder Mile, and is held on April 25th. More info can be found in fetlife.

So there you go people, if you didn’t know where to head out, now I have given you some options. I am always in the lookout for new places to check out, so please leave your recommendations below.

Until next time!

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