The Hoxton Dungeon Suite

Some women like flowers, some prefer chocolates…and others, like me, want flowers, chocolate AND a dungeon all to herself and her OH. And that is exactly what I got for my birthday a few weeks ago. After two gruelling weeks of partying and travelling, my OH spoiled me by hiring the Hoxton Dungeon Suite for the day (best present ever!)

Back in November last year I went to the Blue Dungeon Social for the first time (you can read my review here) and ever since, all I have wanted is to have access to a dungeon for a few hours for just my OH and me. You see, whereas we do go to a lot of fetish events,and we of course play at home – I feel like at events there is pressure to ‘perform’ and to always have good scenes, and at home you tend to stick to what you know/like. By hiring a dungeon you have access to so much equipment, and you also have the privacy to make mistakes, learn new things and have fun along the way. For me is like going back to school, but instead of algebra, it’s needles and paddles!

The Hoxton Dungeon in particular had been on my list for quite some time as it came highly recommended by a few friends of mine. Run by the one and only Madame Caramel, this place promised to have everything you need and more, and they were right.

The dungeon is situated, as the name suggest, in a residential area in Hoxton. It felt a bit weird parking up at the secret location while children were outside playing, but I guess that adds to the fun/naughtiness of the situation. Inside, a really stylist apartment awaits you with two playrooms, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. When I say you don’t need anything but your fine self when visiting this location, I am not lying. If you are into impact play, there was a whipping bench, a St Andrew’s cross, a nice selection of floggers (ranging from latex, to leather, hair and suede) whips, paddles, canes and so forth. If you are into bondage, then there is a bonding chair, and a cage with the bed on top and hoops (the name escapes me) and a selection of ropes. IS your fetish of the medical kind? There is a medical chair, a selection of needles, pinwheels and other medical devices. Chastity? Every size you can think of. Water sports? There is a toilet box with wrist restrains included. Worshipping? There is throne chair. Into cross dressing? There are heels and wigs. Honestly I can keep going! We were there for a few hours and honestly we both agreed that it wasn’t enough – you need a night stay minimum.

As this was a surprise for me, I am relying on OH for this, but he did mention that the service he received was great and the booking process was very easy and every detail was catered for. As I mentioned above, Madame Caramel has a great eye for detail and you can see she knows her trade as every detail has been thought of. There is complementary tea and coffee, but you can bring your own drinks/food as the apartment has a full sized kitchen. We bought redbull and candy, and honestly there is nothing better than having a cup of tea, and sweet while wrapped in a blanket after a session.

Apart from all the great equipment, another good thing about the dungeon is that you can hire more expensive equipment if you wish, such as violet wands or a vac-bed. Another plus is that this dungeon allows needle and wax play ( they even provide a pvc sheet) which I know many other dungeons do not (which is a shame as those are my favourite types of play) I will also mention that the place is absolutely spotless which is a big selling point for us.

So, would I recommend it? Absolutely. Whether you are heavily involved in the scene, or just want to spice things up – this is a fantastic place where you can explore in a setting that is warming, and welcoming. The location is also great, with many restaurants and bars nearby so you can easily make a weekend escape out of it. Oh, and the rates are very reasonable too!

For more info, check her site here.

If you know of other dungeons we should be checking out, please let us know!

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