Obsession Bizarr at WGT

At my last post I spoke about all the wonderful reasons why everyone should make the trip to Leipzig at least once in their lifetime to attend the WGT festival – however, I decided to not talk about the Obession Bizarr party on that post because, quite frankly, it deserves a post of it own.

Obsession Bizarr is a fetish party that took place on the Saturday night at the Volkspalast. The event was part of the WGT festivities which meant only those with wristbands were allowed to attend, and it was free entry. So, how was it, you ask?

In short, it was the best fetish party I have ever been to. Ever. In my life. Big statement, I know, but honestly, I am still buzzing from it all, and quite frankly I will go to WGT again just to attend this party (well, and because the city is so damn beautiful)

What made it so great, you ask? Let me tell you.

I read in an article recently that since 2006, almost 50% of all club venues have closed down in London. Very sad news if you ask me. In Leipzip, on the other hand, they have so many good venues, it makes London look quite sad and boring in comparison. Volkspalast is a venue that resembles an old Victorian theatre combined with the architecture of the white house – so grand pillars at the front, with a high dome ceiling and rectangular rooms on either side. I’m going to let Google do a better job describing this venue than me with these pictures:

My OH and I arrived shortly before midnight, and the party was already in full swing. As mentioned, entry was free and so was the cloakroom (another good thing in German clubs) In terms of outfits, there was a strict fetish code, but it was so refreshing to see everyone rocking a different style. There was the usual latex and corsetry on display, but there were some really original outfits too, and everyone just looked so comfortable and confident. (Special mention to the older couple who were dressed in matching PVC triangle outfits with neon lights underneath – I know you can’t imagine such a thing, but trust me, it was amazing!)

As soon as you walk in, you have the ‘outer circle’ where the cloakroom, bars and toilets were situated. From this outer circle, you could either go into the main area (under the dome), the second room or the dungeon. The main area was straight from the movie Preaching to the Perverted (which IMHO, it is the only film that portrays BDSM in a positive light) Basically, it was the sort of party I always imagined fetish parties to be like. There was a main stage with a dj, where people could climb on and dance away (when there were no shows taking place), there were two cages on either side which were also free to use, the higher outer levels around the main dance floor people could either sit and chat or also dance. On either side of the stage there were two bars with enough staff so that you never waited more than 5min to be served. The music was what I call hard techno – the sort of beats that makes you want to dance like crazy for as long as your stamina allows you. Basically this space was not only grand but it had a attitude – the vibe was almost palpable and you could feel people’s energies! The laser lights and the loud music were also enchanting, so add to that mix some attractive (but not conceited) people, and you can imagine how good it was. Also, I am not sure how they did this, but the music was loud enough to get lost dancing in the main floor, but you could have a normal conversation at the slightly higher levels which were only a mere meters away. Magic! The shows were also very good – we only managed to watch a candle and needle combo show but from that alone you could tell the quality of the acts were also superior to the ones we tend to get in London.

The second room also served as the smoking room, and this was straight from Sin City – bare walls with graffiti, two massive stairs on either side that took you to some very dark bars, dark wood furniture and a lot of smoke. The music here was old school goth (to the delight of my OH) so Bauhaus, The Cure and so on. Here also people were such so chilled, just dancing away and getting up to mischief in the darker areas. There were also so friendly, always smiling at you and not in the creepy way but more in the ‘OMG this place is amazing‘ way. There was plenty of places to sit and people watch, and the energy was addictive – everyone was on the same page so you didn’t have any drunken or inappropriate behavior.

Now on to the best part – the dungeon. The dungeon was a large side room divided into smaller temporary rooms with different equipment in each – in total I counted 13 rooms. The equipment in the rooms ranged from a latex round bed, to a spanking bench, a spanking cross, a bed with loops and robe, and a medical chair, amongst other things. Basically, there was plenty of furniture to use. The concept was that each room had a small sign outside, displaying ‘free’ on one side, and ‘busy’ on the other. So you find an empty room which the equipment you like, and you flip the sign over and voila! The good thing about this is that each room had plenty of space to move around, and the rooms were only covered by drapes so you still have people watching but you are far enough that you don’t worry about sharing your immediate space with another scene. This concept for me was perfect – specially as you can still delve into exhibitionism without drawing too much attention or having people come too close – the drapes provided a sensual layer of protectionism as well as others could only really see shadows and shapes.

We left the party shortly before 4am with exhaustion after being awake for almost 18hrs straight, but with huge grins on our faces, having witnessed such an amazing event.

So, if the music, or the arts don’t convince you to make the trip to Leipzig, then I am sure this party will. For it has the perfect venue, with the perfect music and the perfect dungeon for the most amazing of people.

See you there next year!

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