Visiting Club DVS

Continuing with my best efforts to show you what’s good in the fetish scene in London, last weekend I finally paid a visit to Club DVS. I say finally because most of my kink friends are frequent visitors, some even work at this event, so it is a sin really that it has taken me this long to head south.

The night takes places at the Flying Dutchman, and if you have never been to this venue, then I highly recommend a visit. As I keep rambling on and on in almost every post, venues that cater for the wonderfully weird are on the decline in the capital, so it is important to support the venues that continue to fight on and promote everything that is twisted, dark and thought-provoking. This venue is a great example of just that. It has a pub feel, so the upstairs has a bar, chill area and a dj/dance area, whereas the downstairs have two open spaces which can be used in many different ways.

My OH and I arrived shortly before 11pm and it was already packed. The cloakroom was downstairs, and it only charged £1 per item (Hallelujah! Did I mention Club Pedestal charges a £2.50 fee per item?? Crazy!) Drinks were also very reasonable, with a double with mixer and a beer for £9. The venue was divided so that upstairs you had the robe zone (complete with plenty of suspension hoops) and downstairs you had the main dungeon, followed by a red room and a small room on the side with a cage. The main dungeon had 4 spanking benches, and a St Andrew’s cross; the red room had a restraining chair, a swing and a latex bed. There were also a selection of floggers, and other impact play toys that you could borrow if you didn’t want to bring your own toys, or wanted to try something different.

There was a newbies introduction by the lovely rigger Chris, who  is not only amazingly skilful with robes, but he is very engaging, so his chat was informative but fun. I’ve never been to an event where they did this kind of introduction, but now I feel like a lot of places should do so. If you are a complete novice, an introduction that outlines what BDSM is all about, and what the equipment is used for could be hugely beneficial. After the induction, there was a consent workshop by therapist Debs, who again, was very engaging and knowledgeable. Consent is the single most important thing in BDSM, and it was nice to have a refresher. Consent is not just about saying yes or no, it is about so much more than that, and it was nice to have someone who is an expert in the field discuss it at length. Afterwards there was a performance by Twisted Siren, who is sensually spectacular but I sadly missed it as I was catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in ages. By the level of applause though, I could tell she did another one of the show-stopping numbers.

The first thing I want to say about this event, is that I loved it. It sits nicely between a fetish club night and a dungeon party. It is almost, educational. The first thing I noticed were the amount of dungeon monitors working that night. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know how important I find them to be, and DVS had by far the best crew. Not only were they so talented, but they were so damn friendly. The scene is full of friendly people, but sometimes Dungeon Monitors/Masters can be a bit…dare to say, full of themselves, but not here. They were friendly, open and caring. They were really monitoring the scenes, which is so refreshing to see as more often than not I tend to see monitors just chatting away, not really keeping an eye on the people playing. DVS felt like a space where I could experiment whilst feeling safe. This is by far the biggest compliment I have given to a fetish event, and I don’t give them often.

Another thing I loved was the snacks! Laugh all you want, but I need food pre and post scene. I had to rush to the event as I was running late so I couldn’t have my usual snack, so imagine how happy I was when I saw popcorn, tortillas, and a snack platter! Who doesn’t want some popcorn after an intense impact scene? Whenever I go to a private dungeon party I always wonder why they have so many bottles of vodka but no energy bars or snacks, so I was a happy bunny seeing this.

If I was to mention anything negative, it would be that the party died down pretty quickly. It felt like most people left altogether at 2am which is early even for me. It would have been nice for it to be as busy for a bit longer but maybe it was a one-off. Apart from that, there was honestly nothing I could think that could be improved.

If you have been to a few club nights like Verboten and TG and feel like you want more play and explore more, then DVS is the natural next step. It is like a munch and a dungeon party all wrapped into one.

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