TG Xmas Ball : A few words

Last Friday the boy and I decided to finally attend a Torture Garden event, as we didn’t go to any this year and I was feeling the pressure of attending one (don’t ask me who pressures me into going to kinky events, because it is all in my head) I knew there were only two events left for 2018: one in my beloved Electrowerks and another in Ministry of Sound. MoS is one of those venues I never understood the hype of it, so Electrowerks it was. 

Given that this was possibly my last TG for a while (I mentioned a few posts back how I am trying to attend less commercial events now), my OH and I made quite a lot of effort in our outfits, which did pay off as for once we didn’t have trouble getting in and we were turning quite a few heads! I finally got to wear the headpiece my OH made, and even though I did poke him and a few people throughout the night, I loved the overall look (Apologies to everyone I stabbed that night!)

We arrived shortly after 11pm to practically an empty Electrowerks which was strange. I knew it was a bit early, but not that early! The good thing about this was that I could check in my coat and get served straight away.  This  being their Xmas Ball, the stairs were decorated with Christmas trees and snow, as well as having two large gold reindeer by the pictures area. It was Christmas, but on a budget. I am aware I am being a bit  harsh here, considering most fetish nights do not bother with decor,  but once you have attended a Fox & Badge party, nothing is ever the same. A lot of people made the effort as well, there were a number of latex sexy santas, as well as missus santa, and a lot of fairy lights. The shows were really good as well this time around; Virgin Xtravaganzah (a Freddy Mercury lookalike Performer) was amazing, as well as sword swallower Missa Blue and the sexy Santa Stripper, Marshall Arkley. It was nice to see different people on the stage, bringing different things to the table.

The music was also really good – the upstairs floor was mainly industrial whilst the middle floor was more punk/rock. I did dance quite a bit which hasn’t been the case for the past few TGs so that was a plus on my side. 

Now on to the kink side – the dungeon was situated by the courtyard which I still strongly believe it is way too small for a dungeon. I would rather turn the entire second floor into a dungeon and keep the courtyard area as a dancing place. TG is supposed to be kink, if I wanted a club, I would go to Reptile. On a more positive side, the couple’s area was rather nice – they divided the space into small-like rooms, with leather beds and pvc-like curtains with holes in them, so you could have a cheeky look at each “room”. I much preferred this couple’s room than for example somewhere like Verboten where they just have sofas in one open space as this felt mysterious and dark. I just wish they sorted the dungeon area.

The people were okay – there were a lot of what we call ‘tourists’ – so people knew to the scene. I think every person I spoke to whom wasn’t a friend was a complete newbie. I have no problem with newbies, as I am all for the progression and growth of the scene, but because there were so many newbies, it all feel so tame. Most people were impressed by just seeing exposed flesh, which meant there were a few men who were on the border of being inappropriate and the women were just….laughing at everything. I just wish there was a way to even out the numbers, but sadly I know a lot of people like me have stopped going to TG, so it all just feels very boring and samey.

Which brings me to my verdict. 

The night was fun, but that was because I was with my OH and my best friend. It wasn’t because the event was giving me energy and life to party on. It didn’t feel like a TG event at all, if anything, it felt more like an AntiChrist night with better decor. There was no sexiness, no sense of fetish or darkness. It lacked soul and personality. 

So with that said, I am glad I went but happy to say ‘Goodbye’ for now to TG. 

Next event? New Year’s Masquerade Ball by A Curious Invitation ( and a ski trip before then!), so watch out! 

Thank you for reading! 

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