Torture Garden Berlin

Christmas Ball, December 2018. That was the last Torture Garden I attended. By then, TG had lost it soul venue, The Coronet, as was using the venue that every one and their mother was using [Electrowerks]. Events started to feel tired, monotonous and lacked an edge. It was then that I decided to bypass TG altogether (as documented here) and go exploring to see what else the capital had to offer. Since then, I have discovered some nice events, and some not-so-nice events. But I will say this, TG in the right venue becomes untouchable.

To commemorate 30 years as the king of fetish, TG decided to host in the only capital that really has made its name for it debauchery and kink; Berlin.

So, how was it? Put simply, it was fucking spectacular (pardon my french) and let me tell you why.

The Venue
As mentioned before, when it comes to fetish club nights, the location can make or break the night. London has unfortunately lost all the gems it once had, but Germany understands the importance of its club industry, so it still has some amazing spaces.
TG Berlin took place at the Metropol, a music venue/theatre that is grand, spacious and perfect for a club night. Even at peak capacity, there was plenty of places to sit and chat and just socialise. The ground floor was where the dance floor took center stage; with two cages, a main stage and plenty of seating around it. The two levels from there were the ‘balconies’ so you could sit by the baranda and watch all the people dancing on the ground floor [or have the perfect view for the shows]. Each floor had a bar and a cloak room. The second floor had a small dance floor playing some of the cheesiest 80s music I’ve ever heard (more on this later) and the third floor had the couples room and dungeon.
Overall, a lot people mentioned that it resemble Mass, which I cannot comment on as I never got the chance to check out that venue. All I can say, is that the venue was spot on.

The Shows
TG without entertainment is not TG, so let’ talk about them shows. The opening act was Marie Devilreux who is a fetish model/Pinup/Burlesque/Fire Tassell/Hoop artist I’ve been trying to see live for years now. Her show is nothing less than striking- combining vintage glamour with a modern twist, we all loved it. The second show was by Louis Fleischauer, Gina & Devinity, which combined a mad max aesthetic with some disturbingly eye-catching needle act. The last show was by Pain Proof Priestess featuring Krousky TGB Brigade which I didn’t catch until the very end so I cannot comment on it. From what my OH said, it was the quite the show.

And of course, there was the signature Latex Show, which was done with Marie Devilreux showing off her loop skills, so overall quite entertaining.

The Music
This being Berlin, the music was of course techno – at the start the songs were very poppy – with Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy playing at one point [albeit, the techno version which was a nightmare]. After around 1ish the music did get better with heavier beats. The small dance floor upstairs [‘Disco Bizarre’] was just horrid though, with the most random of songs, and quite the bad mixing. And this is not me being mean, the floor was almost empty at all times.

The Play Areas
The dungeon was sadly too small. To be honest, the way the venue is, I cannot think of another format – maybe swapping the couples area with the dungeon would have worked but I understand people are more into fucking than playing these days. The furniture in the dungeon was provided by Benchmarxxx which I must say, I am loving at the moment! They make the best dungeon furniture I have seen in years.

I didn’t venture into the couples rooms but you could see it from the balcony – the red lighting and soft furniture made it had a ‘red light district’ feel which I like, and by the looks of it, people were loving it there!

So, what more can I say? Their first Berlin event was truly a success. It was so warming to see the how many people came from the London scene to show their support. It shows that no matter how we feel about the current state of TG London, it is still an institution that means a lot to us.

Well done, TG, you are back in my good books.

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