A Night with Lord of the Lost

Back in August, I went to my very first Goth festival with my OH. The festival in question was M’era Luna and if you have read that blog post, then you would know that I had a blast. However, before going to the festival I was a feeling a bit concerned about the fact that I didn’t really know any of the bands, and that I may end hating them all. At the end, I didn’t have to worry at all. A few days before the festival, my OH showed me a picture of Lord of the Lost, thinking I may like them – at the time I said I didn’t like them as they looked a bit like a gothic version of a pop boy band. How wrong was I!

The first day of music arrived, and after a few meh bands, I was hit with their opening song and I was hooked. By the time they played my now favourite song, Morgana, I was sold. I loved their aesthetics, their sound and their presence on stage. You can see their M’era Luna performance here.

To be honest, they were my highlight of the festival, because after almost a year of discovering all this music that was so new to me, I had finally found a band that I loved and it wasn’t mainstream as everything else I was discovering. 

Anyways, Lord of the Lost are currently on a world tour, and they did a gig in London last Saturday at The Garage in Islington, and of course I went. It was my first time at the venue, and I must admit it was quite cosy. There were three bands playing beforehand, but we did arrive slightly bit late so we missed the first one. The second band was DeadFilmStar which I  must say I was really not a fan. It felt dislocated, like someone put an advert in Gumtree trying to find members to form a band. The songs were also all over the place. Not my thing basically. The next band was Unzucht and they were really good. They had lots of energy and some great songs. Also, the combination between the soft voice from the lead singer and the darker growl from the guitarist worked really well. I would easily watch them again. 

Then obviously came the time we were waiting for, Lord of the Lost. And if I had any doubts that maybe I only liked them in M’era Luna because I was a bit drunk and in the mist of a goth festival, they soon dissapeared. They played a similar playlist than in M’era Luna, with a few exceptions, drawing songs mainly from their latest album, Thornstar, which I must say, it is my favourite album by them. The crowd was also very energetic, so the atmosphere was superb. We all sang along and danced and just enjoyed the show. 

What I like about them is their attention to detail; everything is thought of – from the sound, the music, the way they want to be portrayed, down to their make up (impressive) and their overall look. Also, I must admit that they are the nicest bunch of people. They held their after-party at Slimelight and it was so nice seeing them chatting to everyone and having a good time with their fans. 

Overall, it was a really great night and I can now officially say that I am a fan, which means this is by all means, not the last time I will see them live. 

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