{Fetish} Shall we do needles?

Disclaimer: Needle Play is a form of edge play (also known as a ‘hard fetish’) and should be done only after a lot of research, and guidance by experienced players. This is not something to attempt on a whim as it can be dangerous and unsafe. I am not a medical professional and this post is based on my thoughts and experiences only.

I have a confession to make, which for some reason is harder to admit than I thought it would be. Truth is, I haven’t done anything remotely fetish in about 8 months. Eight months of no play for someone who has a fetish blog is quite something. At the beginning of Lockdown 1.0, the excitement of having all this free time lead me to believe that I was up for a whirlwind of good times but, unfortunately, as some of us have experienced, this was simply not the case. The free time I had was filled with anxiety, stress and worry. For a while, the urge was certainly there – so much that it invaded every inch of my brain, making it near impossible to carry on with simple chores. I longed for the feel of a palm hitting against my buttocks, or finger around my neck, or the feel of a leather belt around my waist. I guess the shock of going from quite a lot of play to none had a bigger impact on me that I ever thought was possible. So, with 2020 out of the way, it was time to put right some wrongs.

Because of my current relationship situation, I knew that any sort of play needed to be something my OH and I were both very comfortable and easy to get into it after such hiatus. being out of practice in skill and emotion was a tangible danger for us and we were afraid it would lead to a bad scene. So we opted for something we both liked and which required low amount of psychological play/prep (for us, at least) which is needle play. If you read this post about it, then you know how much I love needles. There is something so intimidate, thrilling and exhilarating about needles that always catches me off-guard.

So, we dusted-off the medical box, filled it up with needles and we streamed Tool’s 10,000 days which as you may know, is my go-to album for any play that involves me being in pain.

So how did it go?

I must admit that we were both nervous at the beginning. Not only because it has been a long time since we last played, but because during that hiatus we both came to some conclusions about what it is that we love/hate/need about BDSM and some of those discoveries have led us to agree/admit defeat on certain areas. This was us finding out where we stood on the realm of having actual scenes.

In retrospect, we did not need to have worried because as soon as the first needle went it, the rest just took its course. This time we decided to go for a slightly thicker needle than usual, as we find the thinnest one are too flimsy and end up hurting me more when piercing the skin. Some of them did hurt but nowhere near as bad as I was expecting – and by the fourth needle, my body was releasing endorphins and I was in heaven. For those who have not tried needle play, needles come in a variety of lengths and thickness – with the latter being measured by gauges. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the needle is – so this time I went from a 27 gauge to a 21 which, personally, I think it is quite the jump.

Experiencing the thicker needles was quite interesting because a lot of the sensations did change for me. Firstly, instead of my usual ‘biting on my pillow’ way of handling the sting of the needle piercing my skin, this time I found myself growling – a low and long growl at the back of my throat that made the pain not only bearable but enjoyable somehow. Also, with the thinner needles, once they were in, the pain would stop, but with the thicker ones, the pain turned into a pressure-like feel. Not unpleasant, but definitely different for me. It also took a lot less time for the endorphins to kick in, and as usual with me, these where very intense and made me go into sub-space fast and hard. The removal of needles was easy as always but I did have a sore back for a few hours afterwards, which was a delicious feeling as whenever I had my back against the sofa, it bought me back memories of the scene and the feeling of sub-space.

It was honestly an amazing way to spend an evening and I did sleep like a baby that night (does needle play count as form of acupuncture?) I think I am speaking for my OH and I went I say I am so relieved with how well the scene went. Taking the first step after such a break was quite the challenge for us, specially because of how our relationship has evolved during 2020. It was a relief for both of us and a positive sign that we can build some sort of kink relationship once again.

Until Next Time


All my needles and related equipment is from Medifet which is, in my humble opinion, the best online store catering for medical fetishes (and no, this is not sponsored by them)

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