Sparkles at Pinky Promise

In November last year I took the decision to take a few months off from clubbing and fetish in general while I was dealing with some pretty rough stuff at home. And whilst that time off was very much needed, I must admit that my body and soul were asking for a good old night out filled with laughter and debauchery. As I have mentioned plenty of times before, fetish & kink events are more than just nights out for me – they have a way of filling my soul and recharging my batteries.

So with that being said, I was after a new club scene as I was feeling a bit bored with the usual AC/ Reptile/TG rotation I have going on, so I was all for it when my friend posted about Pinky Promise event on our Group FB page.

So what is Pinky Promise?

Pinky Promise is a relatively new name in the scene, having only ran one event before the good old pandemic messed up our lives. Unlike most other clubs, PP has a very strong culture in that it is not only about sensuality and kink, but they believe in freedom of expression, communication, healing and allyship. There is something about them that isn’t like every ‘queer friendly’ event that’s suddenly fuelling the scene – they feel unapologetic authentic in their ethos and core values. Aesthetically, they also away from the ‘underground grunge/Berlinesque’ theme that seems to be taking over the capital at the moment.

Alright, tell us more!

Initially they were going to host their return party as part of The Vaults festival, but with the latter cancelling due to covid restrictions, they had only a few weeks to reorganise their plans completely. I honestly don’t know how they managed to do this, as their event was actually really good. Held at good old Electrowerks, they truly transformed the place. Their aesthetic was Imaginarium meets Burning Man via Rumpus, so think sparkle, sequins and a lot of creativity. The middle and top floor were dedicated to music, with the top floor also hosting a variety of shows. So nothing truly different there from any other events held at Electrowerks. I didn’t catch many of the shows but I did finally get to see Virgin X performing their own material which was surprisingly emotional! I guess seeing them develop and growing from hosting cabaret shows, to having their own EP, it is quite the achievement and it is truly well deserved. Anyways, that’s me getting distracted again….

What I really want to talk about is about the showstopper that was the Courtyard.

The Courtyard was where the real energy could be felt – there were stalls selling everything from vulva-shaped cookies to vibrators via sensual oils. There was a ‘Glitter’ station for those that came unprepared, there was also a workshop corner with taster sessions on shibari and impact play. There was also a candlelit room that hosted sensual drawing, meditation and poetry, and my favourite part; the relaxation room -a room filled with incense, comfy pillows and couches and other soft furnishings. It was the perfect place to just lie back and cuddle.

Wow, that sounds great – any negatives?

I must admit that the music was awful. And before you kill me, this wasn’t a techno night, so this isn’t me moaning about the usual suspect. This time the music was truly all over the place and there was no flow to it. If it was a normal/vanilla club night, the music would have completely destroyed the night, but luckily the Courtyard and the overall vibe more than made up for it.

Okay, so no dancing. Would you recommend it then?

Totally! I reckon they knew the music wasn’t a big hit as the middle floor was empty for a large part of the night so I am sure they will be looking into that. Apart from that, I would honestly go again in a heartbeat, and that comes from a goth who doesn’t wear colour! It was honestly such a friendly atmosphere and it was so nice to see an event where sensuality and relationships are at its core but sex is off limits. It just lets you focus on the journey and not the destination!

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