A Night at…Club Vanitas

Well hello there, how you been? I know, I know…I have been gone a while. I guess you could say that I had some serious adulting to do, and sadly that meant shutting down this website for longer than I wanted. But fear not, because I am back, and just in time for Christmas.

So where have I been? Well, apart from the adulting side of things (boring!), I have just been enjoying myself. After spending 18 months mostly indoors, I was missing my friends so badly, as well as my usual debauchery tantics. So slowly but surely, I’ve been going out more and more, finally seeing my friends and catching up on all the dancing and fun.

So let’s resume things by talking about the new kid in the block, Club Vanitas.

Vanitas is the brainchild of ex-Torture Garden director David Wood & artist Karina Akopyan and as per their Facebook page, Vanitas, is “a new immersive monthly club that mixes edgy Fashion, Performance, Drag, Fetish & Art for a polysexual dress-code enforced crowd.

I went to their opening night, which felt like the Oscar’s equivalent of the Fetish world – everyone who was everyone was there, rocking their most extravagant outfits while sipping martinis. The night was electryfing, not only because everyone came out to show Wood some love, but because it was just so nice to be back out, in the real world, doing what make sus happy. It was also nice to see the scene supporting Wood’s newest venture as he is, for many, one of the pillars of the scene.

So how is this different to TG, you may ask? Well, as different as it gets. Firstly, we need to talk about their venue of choice, which is The Kings Head Members Club in East London. If you have never been, I strongly recommend that you do by attending some of the events that often run in there. It is an old public house, four stories high, decorated in that 1800s word travellers aesthetic, housing the most spectacular collection of taxidermy I have seen (special mention goes to the breathtaking polar bear and the flamboyant pink flamingo)

The night itself is more about celebrating the fashion and fantasy of the scene than actual play. Mind you, they do have a dungeon of sorts but Vanitas doesn’t have the feel of a play party. Think of it as a sophisticated night, with immersive shows and beautiful outfits. It is still a club at heart, so there is sort of a mini club in the basement as well as some smaller dance areas throught the venue. The shows are varied, from the usual shibari type of shows to more unique showcases like opera pieces. The shows happen all throughout the venue, so there is an element of excitement as you roam around the rooms, as you don’t know what you are about to witness.

Since my visit, I’ve heard mixed reviews on their subsequent events but I think that’s normal considering it is still so fresh. I feel like Vanitas is still trying to find its identity, and its place within the scene but for me, it is definetely my kind of place. For anyone who is wanting to go I recommend you arrive early so you don’t miss out on the shows, and dress to impress – get your creative juices flowing and see what outfits you can come up with.

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