Tears for Beers – Not Your Usual Social

In the UK social restrictions were lifted back in July – and while some people went all out from the very first day, others like me, took a much more cautious approach. Being mostly at home for 18 months has made me a bit of a recluse, and to be honest, a part of me was petrified of social interactions. How does one do ‘small talk’ again? Do we shake hands or go back to hugging? What are the new rules?!?!

So with this in mind, I decided that my first proper outing should be a ‘munch’ as they used to be one of my favourite things to attend pre-covid. For those who don’t know, a ‘munch‘ is a social gathering, usually at a bar or a pub, with like-minded people. There is no play whatsoever (due to the nature of the locations) so think of it as a way to meet new people you may want to play at an event in the near future.

The beauty of London, pre-covid that is, is that there were munches almost every day of the week and many of them were centred around a topic. You like photography? There is a munch for that. Videogames? Check! Cooking? Check! Under 35? Check (mind you, a lot of us that went to the latter were over 35 but who is counting?) And I am happy to see that many of these have made a comeback so I recommend checking Fetlife to see what munches are near you.

But anyways, as much as I love munches, there really isn’t anything special about them, so why am I reviewing one today? Well, because this one needs a category all of its own.

Tears For Beers (T4B) is the munch run by the people behind Klub Verboten, which as we all know, I am a huge fan of. Pre-covid times, they used to ran their socials (they call their munches socials, as many club brands do) at a really nice pub just off Shoreditch which I liked very much as they had exclusive use of the entire space so you didn’t have the danger of starting a conversation with someone ‘vanilla’ who is waiting for her mother (true story!) It also attracted a really friendly and varied crowd and the music was always on point. I know that when outdoor meetings were allowed last year they did a sit down social, but it just didn’t appeal to me. And then they announced, as restriction lifted, that there were changing things a bit with the socials, so I knew I had to check it out.

So, how was it, you ask?

In a nutshell, it was fantastic. The new location is near Soho, the original home of kink, so it is nice for them to have found a venue in this location. Being so central it also means it is very easy to get to, as there are so many transport options in the area. The venue itself is also quite fitting for their aesthetic – there is an outdoor space (small but we must remember this is Soho) with a small bar upstairs, while downstairs there is a main bar, a dance floor and some sitting along the further wall. I will say that sitting is very limited here, and it gets really busy, so keep that in mind when choosing footwear.

How is it different from other munches?

Well, firstly KB has sole access to the venue on the night, which means they convert the space in true Verboten style- black furniture, and lots of dark red neon lighting. The music, Berlinesque Techno as I like to call it, is provided by an actual DJ – so the dance floor is not just a place to chat, but also to dance. Oh, and play is allowed! Mind you, there is no dungeon, but there is a Dungeon Master on hand, and with a little imagination you can find some nice places for play.

And it is this that makes this social so unique – it is a blend between a traditional munch and a fetish night. It is intimate (to a certain extend) and still feels casual enough (as there is no dress code) but the combination of a live DJ, loud music, neon lights and play makes it feel like a fetish night.

Unlike other munches, T4B is a ticketed event, with tickets costing around £8 but I honestly think this is worth it because quite frankly, you are attending a club night. If you follow me on IG, I usually post the dates I am attending it, so if you are also coming along, do say hi! I don’t bite (unless you want me to x)

P.S.: Thank you for reading my writings – if you enjoy my site, buying me a coffee is an easy way to say thanks and help keep keep this place running!

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