After a Short Break? Check These Places Out…

Recently a friend of mine asked me for some help as her partner wanted to treat her to a nice hotel stay, and she wanted to know what kind of ‘sexy hotels’ I have stayed at – and this got me thinking as in the last few months I have done more hotel stays than dungeons and that’s something coming from me.

Don’t get me wrong – I fucking adore dungeons – but I don’t think I am the kind of woman who is happy to spend an entire night at a dungeon, or not anymore really – as for now, a fancy large comfortable bed is definitely my preference.

So without further ado, let’s delve into my favourite hotel stays (in no order whatsoever)

1. New Road Hotel – East London

Not too long ago, I was spoiled with a weekend at the New Road Hotel near Aldgate. When I am in London I tend to stay at low-cost hotels as I am usually in the capital for some club or fetish event, so I am only in need for a bed to sleep for a few hours before heading north again, so this break was certainly a very nice treat,

The hotel itself is modern and trendy, which is to be expected considering its location. What makes this place ‘sexy’ are their Lofts rooms. Situated on the top floor, these rooms have some amazing views thanks to their large windows and private balconies. I was truly spoiled as we stayed at the ‘Loft + Bath Spa’ which as the name suggests, it comes with your own jacuzzi, which is massive! You can also add the ‘Hot Tub’ extra which makes it even more special, as you then have access to a private rooftop with your own hot tub under the stars.

This is the sort of place if you want somewhere that is modern and minimalistic but still sexy. The location also means you are only a few steps away from some very nice bars.

More info on their Lofts rooms here.

2. Hotel Pelirocco – Brighton

They say that Brighton has become the new Soho and I must agree with this – considering this coastal city homes some of the best kinky private clubs and dungeons in the country. And it is the home of Hotel Peliroco, which is easiest, one of my favourite hotels in England.

This hotel is unique in every way – it homes over 12 rooms, each with a completely different aesthetic. And it is run by some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Their Lovers Lair is probably their most famous suite and its not surprising as it has everything you can think of; an 8ft round bed, mirrored ceilings, a lap dancing area with its own pole and a plunge bath. The suite also has its own entrance and a private courtyard which provides all the privacy you will ever need. And if the Lovers Lair is not your thing, I am sure you will find something that caters to your taste – from a David Bowie room, to a homage to the famous Japanese Love hotels – there is something for everyone.

Find out more here.

3. See Saw Sea – Brighton

For those who read my June Shenanigans and asked where I stayed, well it was See Saw Sea in Brighton. An airbnb apartment that, for me, is the epitome of sensuality. I will say that the decor is definitely not for everyone as it is maximalist to an extreme and a bit of a stereotype, but it nailed my aesthetic down to a tee. The biggest steel frame bed I have ever seen, dressed with black satin sheets, a standalone designer bath, a rainforest shower, a gold sofa next to a chaise longue….. It is the kind of place that you go knowing fully that you will not get much sleep at all.

The place is very well known, so booking may be tricky but if you get a chance, I fully recommend trying it.

Find out more here.

4. The Crazy Bear – Beaconsfield

Buckinghamshire may not scream ‘sexy’, but there are a few hidden gems to be discovered in this county., including The Crazy Bear which sits on the opposite side of the spectrum to the New Road Hotel.

If I was to describe The Crazy Bear, I would say it is the kind of hotel room Liberace would have stayed. Each room is decorated to the last inch but the suites in partiuclar are something out of this world. Leather floors, mirrored ceilings, velvet walls, standalone baths…Everything has been carefully planned and placed so that you just know what the intention is.

Now the Crazy Bear is not cheap – not if you are after one of the Suites, but it is one of those places that you must try, at least once. The hotel also has an exquisite Thai restaurant which is to die for.

For more info, click here.

5. Sanctum Southampton

If you have an appreciation for alternative or burlesque models, chances are you have seen Sanctum already. Very well known as a photo shoot location, Sanctum is a beautiful apartment, decorated in blacks and golds. The attention to detail in this place is second to none, and the hosts are amazing as no request is ever too small.

This apartment is also the only one where elements of fetish are incorporated into the apartment – for example, there are restrains hoops by the padded wall. Every thing is done ever so cleverly, oozing sophistication.

More info here.

So here you have it – some of my favourite stays in the country. If you know of other places, let me know as I am always in the lookout for new locations!

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