Berlinable x Verboten

I sit here, on a gloomy Wednesday morning, holding my usual way-too-sweet cuppa, staring out of the window at the constant rain and wind (the UK is experiencing the worst weather in forever) , and for once I am in a good mood!

This may be controversial, but lockdown has done me some good – I have finally ditched some horrible habits and have spent a fair amount of time replacing those bad habits with better ones which I hope to keep with me for years to come. But even for someone who enjoys being at home as much as I do, I was starting to feel trapped and sad at the prospect of another weekend spent at home. So enough was enough, and I called my friend begging for a night out. She remembered seeing something about a kink event, and I obviously didn’t need any convincing- I was not going to turn down the chance to wear leather again (I am sick and tired of wearing ‘lounge wear’).

The event in question was ‘Berlinable x Verboten‘ which is another event run by the amazing people behind Klub Verboten. In a nutshell, the night consisted of a series of erotica readings, so not the usual debauchery and mayhem that one is expected from their usual club nights, but the UK is still under strict social distancing rules and at this stage, we all rather go out to an erotic reading night than another night flicking through limitless Netflix/Prime/Disney + options.

The night took place in a secret hotel in West London, with the actual address given on the morning of the event. The location was spot on- with fantastic transport links and quite the surroundings. We entered the hotel via a side entrance, and once the track & trace stuff was out of the way, we could see that the space was decorated in true Verboten fashion; red neon lights set against bare white bare walls. When we initially booked our tickets, there was a mention of entertainment in the form of a AA batteries operated device, so we were chuckling when the cloak-person handled us our free app-operated vibrators, which I can now say they are actually not bad at allll.

We were taken to our table and from the moment we sat down, the service was spot on. Throughout the night, there were waiters around, and we never had to wait long for our drinks. We also tried the food, which was delicious. We had fish finger sandwiches, jerk chicken and a cabbage side dish and everything was really good.

But what about the stories, you ask?

Like with most story telling events, some stories were better than others, but overall the quality of the work presented was rather high. Stories encompassed a range of genres, from romance to kink, to raunchy one night stands. Some read their own original work, whilst others read published stories. There was a particular story about a gay man having his first threesome that was raunchy, steamy and hilarious all at once!

It was honestly a great event and the perfect way to kick start my social life again. From the location, to the food, to the atmosphere, I have nothing negative to say. They even gave us a free vibrator! How can someone complain, really? I am hoping they do more of these events, as I am sure many of us are not quite ready to let go of social distancing just yet and this event hits the right balance between being social and safe.

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