{Fetish} An Education with Master Peter

Disclaimer: As with all of my fetish posts, I’d like to remind you that BDSM play can carry certain risks; both physical and psychological so always follow the SSC motto; Safe, Sane and Consensual. In this particular post I will be mentioning advance play techniques, which carries greater risks. This is not for beginners. Please do not attempt any sort of play without the knowledge and safety precautions needed. I am not a professional – these are simply my thoughts on the topic and I hold no responsibility for your actions. Lastly, this is not a sponsored post I paid for the workshop myself.


I am a firm believer that we never stop or should stop learning. Even at our peak (whether professionally or otherwise), there is always room to improve. There will always be people that will know more than you – and that is okay, as there will also be people who know less than you. And that is where the beauty of it lies – for learning stops us from feeling bored or in plateau. The key is to seek knowledge in a field that you are truly passionate about. And as we all know, for me that is BDSM. I love the psych behind it as well as what it does to my body and soul – it is my meditation and in many ways, my god. It is my spiritual home, my refuge. It is because of this that I am always in the quest to learn more, to know more.

The good thing about the UK Fetish Scene, is that we are privileged to have some amazing people working in it -people with vast experience gained through many years of research and development (look at me making pharma references). Obviously, we sadly still get the odd bad apple here and there, but overall, we have people who are passionate about BDSM and make the scene the welcoming and safe space that it is.

I met Master Peter years ago, around the time time I really got into the scene – as a pro Dom, he was often the Dungeon monitor at the events I used to attend so he soon enough became a familiar face. Mind you, I can be unusually shy at events so I think I only actually talked to him years later when we were introduced by some common friends. What I do remember is being at awe at his flogging skills – for me he is the king of florentine flogging without a doubt and I hope post covid I can get a one to one lesson from him. For those who don’t know how he is, Master Peter is a BDSM Master, professional Dominant and kink educator.

As an educator, Master Peter does an array of workshops covering from the very basics to some expert classes. He also does one on one coaching and even tranings for those who want to pursue a career as a pro Dom(me). His newest workshop, ‘Impact Play 201 – Deeper Impact / UV‘ sounded right up my alley (excuse the pun) so I knew I had to check it out.

Obviously, with covid making physical meetings impossible, the workshop took place over good old Zoom. I was curious to see how something like this would transpire, but I am happy to report that it actually worked very well. Master Peter spent the first part of the session going over what the workshop would involve, the importance of following SSC and the risks involved when conducting deeper impact. Then the class moved into the motives of deeper impact (which I found interesting as I don’t ask myself enough why I like what I like) before moving on to some terminology/anatomy and then the live demonstration. His approach throughout the workshop was friendly and very detailed, but not so much that you felt overwhelmed. The pace was ideal for me.

Master Peter had to his disposal a lovely bottom, and was able to show us a range of techniques from fists, elbows, and other body parts to objects like metal bars and bats. Like I said, this was definitely an advanced class. The class went beyond techniques to also touch on topics such as how to plan a scene so that it lasts for more than a few mere minutes and becomes a memorable experience. As this was an advance class, emphasis was very much given to anatomy, safety and what signs to watch for. He then finished the class with a Q&A session which we certainly took full advantage of.

One of the reasons I decided to sign up for his workshop (apart from the fact that he is so knowledgeable) is that he shares the same point of view as me when it comes to testing one’s tools. That is, one must try the techniques/tools on oneself before trying it onto others. This may seem unimportant, and I know many who disagree with me but I feel strongly about this. This is not the same as saying you have to be a submissive before becoming a Dom -this is not about power dynamics. What I am referring to is that you need to be comfortable with the tools that you own/use; you need to know how they feel holding/using them but also how it feels to be at the receiving end. How else can you chose the right tool for the right person if you don’t know how they feel? It also builds empathy which can help in building emotionally closer scenes.

Overall I think it was a really informative and fun workshop, and I certainly feel that I have a new skillset which I am eager to use (any volunteers?)

As mentioned earlier, he also does a ‘ Gentle Intro to Kink and BDSM’ which I personally haven’t attended but I have heard rave reviews about it. I honestly believe that any person who is keen to enter this world would benefit from attending one of his classes; learning the basics from someone who knows their stuff will not only help to minimise risks but will certainly help you in creating some great memories with your play partner/s.

For more information, head to his website.

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