{Thoughts} Evolving

If this is not your first time here, you may have noticed that the blog is looking a tad different from the usual. Mind you, the simplistic black and white theme is still very much here (I doubt that will ever change) but things *hopefully* look a bit more put together.

When A Sense of Clarity first got noticed, it was because people liked that they could find all about the alternative London nightlife in one simple website. When I would meet readers at events, they would often say they were there because they read about it on my blog (which always felt surreal) so that is what I continued to do – I partied and I broadcasted my shenanigans in here. Perfect marriage if you ask me. But even back then I knew I wanted to use this space for a lot more than just ramble about parties. I had some ideas of where I wanted to take this blog, but just needed the time to really think about those ideas, polishing them off as best I could and actually go for it. This blog is not the first blog I ever written, but it is certainly been the most “successful” one and I say that with a massive pinch of salt as I am still a girl typing on her laptop while watching The Crown (obsessed!), so definitely not successful in comparison to some bloggers out there (but successful to me, in my own terms).

So what has changed?

The blog is finally *somewhat* organised into categories, which you will find right below the main tittle, on the main page. This is yet to be further enhanced in due course, but it honestly took me so long to get my posts divided into five categories that I don’t think I can face that exercise any time soon without the need of more alcohol, and trust me, I am still detoxing from all the alcohol I have consumed in the last 72hrs.

The categories are self-explanatory, or so I hope. One thing that 2020 has caused is the cease of all parties, so I guess I should thank 2020 for forcing me into finally venturing out into other realms. I finally have a section dedicated solely to Fetish, which is two years overdue, I know. One thing I would like to put out there is that this blog will never be a sex blog, this is not what I want this space to be – and I don’t say this because I dislike sex, because that is sooo not true (it is my favourite past time actually) but because I still want my ‘image’ (if there is such a thing) to be parties, fetish and the macabre. Also, in all honesty, there are quite a few people out there who have much better sex content that I will ever dream of having, and who are the real pros in that segment. This does not mean I will not ever talk about sex, because even though BDSM can quite easily stand alone from sex, it can also be very much interlinked with it. I know I haven’t spoken about Fetish for a long time but this year has made by BDSM libido hit the floor, and only recently is showing signs of life so please bear with me.

The Books/Films categories is there as a homage to one of my favourite past times. I have a few old posts in there but watch this space as I have been binge watching a lot of fetish films and you are up for a treat real soon.

The Lookbook category is really the newbie in here. This is a project that I have been trying to kickstart for well over a year and it came about when I started to notice that one of the things I loved about fetish events is the dressing up. I am not talking about wearing cat ears and some black lipstick. Oh no. I am talking about taking months to create an outfit that is truly unique. Creating a character through costume-design is something that I really truly enjoy, which means I have collected quite the wardrobe. So this space will be where my most creative self will come out and play. I hope you enjoy what is about to come.

So as you can see, not a lot will change. Good old me will still talk about the parties in London (once they are legal again) and I will still talk about all the delicious ways you can enjoy BDSM in your life. It will just be presented in a more structured way and hopefully you get to see some images of me wearing the most ridiculously amazing outfits I can get together.

And if you are still reading this, a massive thank you! A sincere and heartful thank you to all of you who have kept this blog going for these past two years. You are by far the kindest, funniest and most supportive people I have met.

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