{Thoughts} Eggs for Breakfast

Recently, in my attempt to restore my writing juices, I have been reading a lot of sex/BDSM blogs. It has been quite a positive exercise for me as I have discovered some amazing authors and I also now have a list the size of the wall of China of all the sex toys I need. One blog that I have been hooked on and can’t quite believe I have only now discovered is Coffee and Kink by Amy. I love her style of writing and I appreciate/admire how honest and candid she can be with her feelings and her journey through this thing we call life.

A few weeks ago she posted about her love of pancakes after a night of pure sexual delight, and it just resonated with me so much. A few months ago, while at an event with a friend, we were talking about one night stands. My issue being that every time I tried to have a one night stand, they turn into relationships (trust me, it has it pros but also its cons) and when my friend asked me ‘my secret’ (again, I can see why she thought this is a positive, but it really isn’t) I said is because I make Eggs Royale the morning after. She laughed – I was dead serious.

You see, I love breakfast. And I love sex. So for me is no brainer that after a night of delicious fun, all parties involved should be rewarded with some Eggs Royale. And I love cooking. So like I said, no brainer. While Amy goes for pancakes, and I do love some pancakes, there is something extremely sexy about poached eggs and hollaindase sauce. Maybe cause its fancy, it takes some time and care to execute it right and it is always so satisfying.

I am so into breakfast that once upon a time, on my way to a guy’s house, I did force him to stop by a corner shop as he said he didn’t have eggs or butter in his flat. He did think I was mad at first, but come the morning, he was just grinning away while devouring his plate.

I may be mad, I know, but aren’t we all?

Making breakfast is not just something to do to ‘be nice’, but for me, as someone who finds sex to be a very intimate act, breakfast is just an extension of this intimacy dance. Providing nourishment to someone who was inside you only a few hours ago seems like the logical thing to do. As a demisexual, I can’t understand people who can sleep together, just to leave as soon as they are all satisfied. Having a nice morning together, sipping tea and giving each other naughty looks as flashbacks of the night come to mind, it is all part of the fun. The guy leaves with a smile, and I return to bed. Happy ending πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “{Thoughts} Eggs for Breakfast

  1. Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! The breakfast counts! And especially Eggs Royale and/or (my other personal favourite) Shakshuka! Glorious! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ₯°

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