A Night At The Pearl Necklace

*picture is by Chasing The Tigers*

With Lockdown 2.0 upon us in a few days, I did wonder whether there would be any point in reviewing this event or not, given that their next date, which was supposed to be in two weeks, has been postponed. After much deliverance, I decided that I can’t let this ‘rona stop me from doing everything and anything. Besides, I am sure this event will resume once we are on the other side. Because if there is one thing that TG has shown me, is that they will always find a way to entertain, despite the challenges.

The Pearl Necklace is the latest spin off from our beloved TG. Think of it as a cabaret dinner experience, but you get to wear your finest fetish clothes. By the time I went to this event (on Halloween night), The Pearl Necklace (PN) was already on his third round of events, so I was already receiving some positive feedback from some of my friends. For Halloween, PN decided to host 3 nights, two where you could dress more ‘cabaret-like’ and one night where it would be strictly fetish gear. I don’t think I need to tell you which one I chose!

Due to the social distancing rules at the time, bookings were per table, not per individual. I chose to splash out and I went for the Waltz Booth which was a table for two, and the price included 6 tapas between the two of us, a bread platter and two drinks each (cocktail menu included). The both was also at a raised platform so you could see the stage without a problem. I paid £140 for the table, which may seem steep but to be honest, most cabaret places also charge around that region.

So what did I make of it?

Well, I have been thinking about this for a while as my initial thought was ‘OMG IT WAS AMAZING’ but some of it is down to the fact that this was my first ‘remotely fetish’ event since March. The event took place in Electrowerks, and I can’t believe I am going to say this, but how have I miss this place! Honestly, walking through the main doors, I could have cried. No other venue feels like home like Electrowerks does. Anyways….! The decor was really something spectacular, but this is TG so it is to be expected. We were in Room 2 (which is the room by the courtyard), and it had a circus vibe with a old Parisian twist; imagine candelabras, vines hanging from the ceiling, red walls, carousel booths….. it really was magical. The cocktails were also really good – mind you all I had was margaritas (about 5 of them!) but they were so damn good. The food was also really tasty – simply but done well.

I did mention it was a cabaret of sorts, so let’s talk about the shows. The night was hosted by ‘Lolo Brow‘ who was witty/funny/talented and simply the best host. Her opening monologue had us all in stitches and she knows how to work a room. The shows were varied so we had some fire, some burlesque, some tarot reading. As there were two main rooms, both with the same shows on rotation, there were gaps in between shows, but that didn’t bother me, as I was able to socially chat with a table nearby. I do have to confess that the show stopper for me was by Andromeda Circus, which I am not going to delve into any details, but it was the first time I saw what he did, and I was sold!

I honestly cannot find anything negative to say about the event. Yes, table service meant that sometimes you would wait a bit longer than usual to get drinks but you could tell the waiters and the entire team were working as hard as they could. The measures they put in place were also spot on, and I did not feel unsafe at all. I would say this thought- this is the sort of event that works best when you are in a group. As a couple, you may find it not at entertaining as it could be, as there are rather long gaps in between the shows. We were lucky as we were sat next to our good friends (which we didn’t even know they were coming) so we were just laughing and chatting (while being at a distance, which is still so strange to me!)

Overall, I really enjoyed the night. I do hope they will continue once this lockdown is over as it is really good fun.

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