The Liquid Love Experience.

Liquid Love.

Where do I begin?

So far, all that comes to mind is that it is 2pm the next day, and I am still glowing and smiling in ways I have not done in a long time.

Well, I better start this review somehow!

If you read my post about Sensuality, then you know that for the past few months I have been doing some work on myself and my relationship with sensuality. This has been so far an eye-opening experience, and one that is teaching me some valuable lessons about myself, my insecurities and the ways I project these to my environment. Regardless of the work accomplished so far, I still felt that I was miles away from getting anywhere. I was feeling stuck and helpless.

But last night, I finally made progress.

Liquid Love, in its most simple of terms, is an evening in where 20-odd strangers from all walks of life, gather in a studio on a raining Friday night to get undressed and covered in a monstrous amount of warm olive oil and spend the next couple of hours ‘swimming’ with each other in this pool of oil, touch and sensations.

If this sounds like something quite out of the ordinary, then you are not wrong there, but let me tell you this – Liquid Love will change you.

A few friends of mine are LL fans, so this is a night that has held my curiosity for some years now. However, I am shy and I have a thing about people touching me, so I wasn’t sure if this event was for me. A friend of mine kept raving about it, and after having my first tantra massage not too long ago (review coming soon), I knew that there would be no harm in at least trying it. Also, I knew that one of the host would be the amazing Jess who also hosts Paradise Island (which is one of my fav sex positive parties) so my intuition was telling me that things may not go as bad as I was fearing it may do.

So yesterday, after a few drinks to cool down my nerves, my friend and I headed to the Studio. Upon arriving, I met Eyal, the man behind LL, who was busy ensuring everyone was feeling comfortable. There were quite a few people already when we arrived, all sipping tea and eating biscuits and smiling to each other – some were nervous smiles, others were filled with anticipation and excitement.

The session starts with all of us sitting on a very large pvc sheet, and stating our name, our feelings and our intentions for the night. This may seem like a simple ice-breaker, but setting your intentions can have a profound change to how the night will go – this is the sort of event in where you get as much as you put in.

After that, Eyal gave us the most comprehensive of guides about what to expect and what is allowed/not allowed. Eyal has a way with words and body language – he takes his time when explaining everything, with light humour and warmth. You instantly feel like you are in safe hands. He spoke about the ‘dance of touch’ where we use our skin to communicate, to evoke our feelings and thoughts. The focus was to rely on touch only, so we were encouraged to be blindfolded and to not speak during the session. This was to be a sensual event, not sexual, so penetration was not permitted. However, erections were allowed and encouraged, as this is all about being comfortable with our bodies and emotions.

After this chat, we were told it was time to get undressed to the degree we were comfortable with, and to return to the pvc mat for one more ice-breaker until it was time to lie on our backs, put the blindfold on and let me music begin.

As Eyal was working around the room, pouring warm oil on our bodies, you started to hear the giggles as the shock of having warm oil against our skins. Eyal was guiding us each step of the way; asking us to focus on our own skin before gently and slowly discovering our surroundings. If at any point things did not feel right, we could raise our hand and he would lead us to a quiet corner where we can be safe on our own company. If we were in the middle of a large group, and we felt overwhelmed, he would be there to take you away from there. If you had oil in yours eyes, he would the right next to you with a tissue. Basically, he was the perfect guardian angel, watching over us and guiding us through this experience.

At first I was focusing on just the feel of my own skin and that of my friend’s who was lying next to me. Then a very gentle, inconspicuous touch was felt on my leg and it was the nicest feeling – so I moved my leg slightly towards this touch, encouraging the connection. From there, things moved at different paces – at one point I was embracing a woman while a man was teasing my neck – then the next moment I lost count of the number of hands and body parts on my body. It never ever got too much – if I was feeling a bit trapped, the floor was so slippery that a few ‘strokes’ was enough to be away from all the mayhem. In what felt like no time at all, the music went back to a soft melody and it was time for one last embrace.

Afterwards, we all returned to our circle – but this time the nervousness and anxiety was replaced by smiles, and serene eyes. We were all embracing each other, chatting to one another, and trying to figure out if we could recognise each other. We become long-lost friends, connected by touch.

I sadly had to leave soon after to catch the last train home, but I didn’t want to leave the place – we were all together in this bubble of bliss together and the outside world just didn’t seem inviting enough.

I understand that this event may not be for everyone as you need to be okay with having people from all ages and body shapes touching you. But I will say this – this is what community, warmth, connection and sensuality is all about. It is an event where no one can really explain what makes it wonderful, you just have to find out by yourself.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.

2 thoughts on “The Liquid Love Experience.

  1. As an old devotee of Liquid Love, I’d just like to say how thrilled I am you’ve experienced the joy of it. Your review is so spot on, and I can only add that with each next time it gets better and better. Long live Liquid Love! ☺️

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