Looking Forward – Where to Find me in February

I doubt anyone here noticed, but I took a month off.

The running up to Christmas was a stressful one, with work never slowing down and the holiday period being spent with people you wish you could switch off from. So January came, and whatever hope and optimism I had, quickly evaporated from my body. I was feeling exhausted, run down and hollow. It was as if someone took the fun child inside me and took it to get ice cream without me. I have episodes of sadness every now and then, but this was a whole entire new level of sadness. Things at home were also not ideal and arguments became more often than not. So basically, January (which felt like lasted three years) was not a good start.

But here we are now in February, and things already feel better. This week was a good one – work was cooperating again, I was being social and things at home were looking good. Oh, and the sun is shinning today. Not bad, not bad.

So, I’ve decided that January was a ‘false start’ and I should just start all over again in February – so let’s see where you can find me…

Taxidermy with Curious Invitation

During Christmas, my OH and I decided to give each other gifts we could both enjoy – so on my case I decided that a day spent stuffing a dead animal would be a great idea (cause that’s the sort of thing I find fun) so tomorrow we are attending one of Curious Invitation’s workshops in North London.

I have always been fascinated with Taxidermy but they are not cheap, so we only have a small puppy which I love and adore. I am also someone who just loves learning how to do stuff, rather than have someone else do it for me, so this workshop is a no brainer. Oh, and I get to take home a squirrel and a rabbit at the end of it (let’s hope I can do them justice)

If you thing Curious Invitation sounds familiar, is because I have blogged about their amazing parties here, but CI is so much more than that. They organise talks, exhibitions and taxidermy classes.


For those who don’t know what Munches are, these are social gathering in a vanilla setting (usually a pub) where you can meet like-minded people and discuss all things kink. As these socials take place at public spaces, there is no play or dressing up which makes it perfect for anyone who is keen to learn more but don’t know where to start.

I love a good Munch – the combination of amazing people and a pub is basically a perfect match for me, and it is a good place to finalise plans with people about any upcoming kink party.

This month I’ve decided I had enough with being anti-social so I will be going to quite a few munches:

  1. Teers for Beers x Klub Verboten (Feb 5th)
  2. Under 35’s Mid-week Munch (Feb 12th)
  3. Camden Munch (Feb 21st)

So if you have never been to a munch, of you have but wanna come and say hi, then you know where to find me!


I don’t think I have ever heard as much hype for a fetish club night as I have with Crossbreed, so we have no other option but to check it out on Feb 7th. I am really trying to keep my expectations low because we all know by now how unhappy I am with the current events taking place in London (with the exception of Anti-Christ which will forever be my love).

I shall report back next week with the details.

TG Berlin + KitKat Pre-Party

Lady Lilith returns to Berlin. Last time she almost died. What could possibly go wrong? In all seriousness, I am very excited for TG Berlin. I must admit that a part of me misses TG and this is the perfect comeback opportunity. And do we really need to say anything about KitKat? My OH has never been to Berlin so we are hoping to do some touristy things during the day and some wild partying at night. I am also very excited to see what he thinks about KitKat.

So basically, February is a busy month, but also a fun month. I don’t want to be like I was late last year, always in my cocoon and not wanting to leave the house. 2020 may have started a bit shaky but I will not let it be the trend for the year!

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