Visiting The Peacock Parlour

Last Sunday my OH and I decided to treat ourselves to a session at The Peacock Parlour, which is a BDSM dungeon located in north London. This is one of the newest, but also the better known dungeons in the capital, so I have been waiting with anticipation to be able to finally talk about it.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? The Parlour has one, if not, the best online booking system I have come across so far. You can do it entirely online, so no need for emails or text messages. Just a few clicks and voila, all booked. You get an email with every single bit of information you may possible need, but the website also has plenty of info and a FAQ section in case you have any doubts.

Upon arrival, we met the person behind this new dungeon, the lovely Sir Claire Black, who showed us around before quietly leaving us to it. The first thing you notice about this dungeon is how spacious it is. There is enough room to flog and whip without worrying about hitting a wall/furniture/someone in the way. The atmosphere is also superb – vintage leather furniture, soft mood lighting and soft background music (which you are encouraged to change if you wish). I like the fact that they have a really comforting chilling area that is completely separate from the BDSM room, so you disconnect during after care or simply have a more intimate/sensual session. The main ‘play’ area has everything you can thing of; spanking bench, under bed cage, suspension hops, spanking cross, a nice range of impact toys, a violet wand, medical equipment, candles for wax play…. in a nutshell, it is nicely equipped. Unlike other dungeons, the Parlour feels very airy and clean – I think some dungeons like to have so much kit that the space feels overwhelmingly small, making it feel claustrophobic and messy. The Parlour feels the complete opposite of this. And it is nice to only have a carefully curated selection of floggers, and paddles because I hate seeing them all piled up so that your eyes cannot focus on any of them.

The dungeon does accommodate for overnight stays – I will admit that the space for sleeping is small and not as cosy but who sleeps at a dungeon? Saying that, if you are after more of a hotel/airbnb stay, then somewhere like the Hoxton Dungeon may be your thing.

During our session, I got to try the E-Stim for the first time. It was nice to be able to do something where both of us can share the sensations, and even though I had the giggles for the first few minutes, I could see how I could really get into it. The OH tried cupping for the first time, and I am proud to say his bruises are still very much there (and you never know, he may let me do it again) We also did the usual impact/needles play we tend to do, but it felt different as it was nice being able to place in a location that suits our tastes so much.

I know you are wondering how the Parlour compares to the other two dungeons I’ve reviewed so far, and I must admit that this one comes first place. Second place is Blue Door (which I’ve heard has changed location, so may have to re-visit) as it has a great selection of toys and furniture but it is not as warm and cosy as the Peacock Parlour. Third is the Hoxton Dungeon, mainly because it is a flat so there is no atmosphere per se, and it is on the small side (but perfect if you are after an airbnb vibe with a bit extra on the side).

For more info on the Peacock Parlour, click here.

There is one more London dungeon I am eyeing up which I am hoping to visit before the end of the year so stay tuned for that – if you know of any places you think I should check out, then please also let me know.

Until next time!

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