My Favourite Fetish Vendors

Like with any skill, the right tools can make all the difference between something that is good, and something amazing. Fetish is no different. Yes, there are many kinks that don’t require much equipment but for certain things, you definitely want to invest in some basic kit. If you are new to the scene, you will find that a lot of equipment can be very expensive; quality is not cheap and it will mostly always workout cheaper in the long run. The below list is some of my go-to vendors, who are not only amazingly skilled, they are also very friendly and knowledgeable and are always eager to help anyone with a curious interest.

*Disclaimer: This list is in no particular order, and it is not exhaustive either. There are so many peoples’ work I love and admire. This is just a starting point. Also, these are all independent vendors, because we need to support the scene, so get away from ebay and Chinese imports!*


I guess we cannot really start any sort of list without mentioning the shibari powerhouse that is Bruce Esinem and Nina Russ. They do everything from online tutorials, to private tuition to selling a wide range or rope and accesories. I am not a rigger by any means, but I know that Bruce is known as one of the top riggers in the scene. Mention his name, and you will get a plethora of positive comments. I know a few people who have been fortunate to be guided by him, and they all have agreed that Bruce is one of a kind.

More info here.


For those who have attended Pedestal before, you would definitely have met the fantastic woman who runs the stall Bondatrix. Her stalls always come packed with a nice selection of floggers, canes, collars and much more, so that you can buy and try a few goodies on the night. Her website also caters for a wide range of fetishes, and she evens has some really useful kits for those who don’t necessary know where to start. She makes, hands down, the best medium impact suede flogger around. It is extremely soft, well-balanced and so versatile (and well-priced too). I have used this flogger as a warm up as well as for some more intense scenes, and the girls I’ve used it on always love it. A personal favourite.

Click here to check the flogger out.

Nick and Morphia

If your thing is violet wands, then Nick and Morphia are your people. Nick restores vintage violet wands from the 1930s -1980s and offers a one year guarantee on all his boxes. My OH splashed on one a few months ago (we have an 8pc box) and it has been one of the best investments we have made. Yes, they are not cheap, but it is so worth it (if you like that sort of thing, of course!) The leather boxes are so beautiful and lush, and just placing the box in your bedroom transform the mood instantly. The service is also fantastic, so cannot recommend them enough.

Kabunza Craftwerks

At the top of my current wish-list sits a pair of bright yellow and black finger floggers by Kabunza Craftwerks. I first discovered this brand in LAM (London Alternative Market which occurs the first Sunday of every month – you should go) a few months ago and I was curious about their double finger floggers. Basically, you buy two floggers rather than one and instead of a wooden/leather handle, you have small loop chains where you can wrap your fingers around it. A few weeks after that initial encounter, my friend told me that she actually had a pair and I could have a try. It was incredible! Well, yes, you do need a lot of practise and good coordination, but oh my, does it change a scene. If used well, it not only creates an array of sensations for the bottom, but for the top it almost takes a circus like approach – the constant movement of the wrists and flow it requires makes the entire scene look like out of a 1920s circus show. Oh! And if that wasn’t enough, they also make some really nice dragon’s tails as well.


Sitting in between Mornington Crescent and Euston, there is a lovely store called Breathless, which makes and sell some of the best latex designs out there. Yes, it is not cheap, but no one said latex was. What you do get is some amazing tailoring, great quality fabric and fantastic service. I have’t been in a while, but every time I ask someone who is looking amazing where their latex is from, more often than not they mention Breathless. I have been eyeing this dress for a while, so I may splash out for a TG outing soon.

Jaded Jewall

This one is a recommendation from my OH. Jaded Jewall is a relatively new face to the scene (albeit he has been in the scene for 10 years, but only recently have I really seen his brand kick off), which is always a plus on my books as I do think the scene needs some fresh and talented blood. He is most famous for his Bunny Ears, but he also makes other fetish accessories like collars. His attention to detail is spotless and he is also one of the best photographers at the moment.

Check this mask out! Also on my wish list!


And how could I not mention F.A.B? Run by Max Deviant, and located in the Stables in Camden, F.A.B is your one-stop for everything fetish. Max stocks a myriad of the very best jewellery, art, fashion and “accessories”. Anytime I happen to be in Camden, I always make sure to pass by his shop – sometimes I just browse for inspirations, others, well, my credit card is simply left there! Do check the official FAB Facebook page for the opening times and these can change sometimes!

Daisy ‘s Floggers

Don’t let the name fool you – Daisy’s Floggers are anything but daisy! I’ve discovered them a few months ago in LAM, and I was pleased at their quality range of whips, floggers and dragon’s tails. They also offer custom-made floggers for those who are after something unique. However, their golden egg is their Kitten Floggers – leather floggers with a braided/twist design at the end. These come in a range of beautiful and sparkly colours, but oh my, are they something else! These are not for the faint-hearted, as these are stingy and thuddy and painful all at once. These floggers are what I call the ‘finishers’. These are for those who are on the masochist side, and want something that is a challenge but may not want a cane.

Their beautiful range is available on their website here.

Medfet UK

And let’s finish off by the one brand that caters to my favourite kink – needles!!! Medfet UK is your one-stop for anything medical-related. They have one the widest range of needles around and their inventory is constantly changing and expanding. And because they are on the fetish side of things, you can email them with questions you may not wish to ask at your local pharmacy!

Check their website here.

And that is all from me this week – hope these vendors have inspired you to purchase a beautiful piece of kit or a brand new outfit. Or at least, convince you to visit LAM one of these days! Next week I will return to my {Kinks In Me} series, so watch out! Also, I will be going to Bad Bruises on Friday 13th (!) so if you see me, come and say hello!

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