A Night in Voodoo Rock London

First of all apologies for the radio silence. I’ve spent the last three weeks enjoying living in London and consequently moving to the country side and being a *ahem* nice house-wife. But I am back in full force now!

I was brainstorming ideas for this blog the other night, and it occurred to me, that whilst I have covered most events that take place in Electrowerks, I have shockingly forgotten one of my favourites, and that is Voodoo Rock London.

Voodoo is a club night that takes place the last Friday of every month and this is the place to go if your thing is emo, and I am talking about Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Blink 182, and so on. Basically, this is the pace to revive your teenage years (if you are my age group, that is!) Usually, they only take over the top two floors of the venue, which is still a very good event, but I was keen to attend one of their bigger parties. A few weeks ago I saw they were having their big annual Summer Ball and I knew I couldn’t miss my chance. What an experience!

Let me first say that I love the smaller, monthly Voodoo nights. They are on the cheap side of things (considering this is London), the music is great and the people are a mixed bag, but overall very friendly. I would say that I still prefer Slimes, but that is because I am a goth/industrial baby at heart. HOWEVER, if we are comparing Slimes and the big Voodoo Summer Ball, then it is the latter all the way!

For the Summer Ball, the venue was transformed into what only can be described as an 80s Rock Beach Club. Imagine ridiculous amount of inflatable animals and palm trees, a bouncy castle, a riding bull, a ball pool, a BBQ and the craziest, most varied music I am yet to hear. The top floor was emo as it is the norm, the second floor was classic rock, also the norm. On the ground floor things became interesting, in the ‘dungeon’ room (if you been to TG or AC night, then you know which room I am talking about) it had, hands down the BEST DJ EVER. He was playing hits from Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Spice Girls, George Michael…honestly it was just a random mixture of everything and anything, but it magically worked. He just knew how to keep the crowd dancing and partying. It also helped that the bouncy castle was in this room, so you have that, plus crazy 90s hits and a few vodka lemonade and voila! You are back to being 16! Oh, and did I mention they also have bands? Well, this time around I missed them, but I have seen some really good bands there, including a Rammstein cover band which were surprisingly good.

One thing I would say is this – from all the night clubs that I go to, this is the most ‘normal’ one, in the sense that people get very drunk, the music is very loud and it can get very busy. If you are more of a calmer, goth-like nights, then Reptile and Slimes are much better, as these are more…. grown up, you could say. Voodoo is for when you just want to have fun and take it old school.

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