A night in…Pedestal

Some nights end up being so magical, exhilarating and mind-blowing that should be made illegal. Pedestal last Thursday was one of those nights. For those who don’t know, Pedestal is a Fetish event catered for Dominant Women and submissive men. This was my return to Pedestal after an 18 month hiatus and honestly, I don’t know what kept me away this long.

I decided to go with one of my good friends who had never been to the event before. We both got there at around 10 pm and we were greeted by one of their ‘House slaves’ who was down on one knee handing out red roses. (Nice touch) The event took place at Fire in Vauxhall, which even though it is not my favourite venue, I must admit that for a strictly fetish event, the space was nice enough.

The event took place over the three main rooms at Fire. As soon as you entered you had the ‘main room‘ which had a nice variety of equipment: cages, benches, high raised pvc sofas, St Paul’s Cross and my favourite of all: the foot stomping ‘cage’ which consisted of a cube structure with robes hanging down from the top. The men lie on their backs on the floor, and the women step on the men while holding the robes for support. Fun! On the right hand size was the Goddess room, a high-protocol space where men were only allowed to speak with the women’s permission. Here it was more of a ‘traditional’ dungeon feel with another St Paul’s Cross, a few spanking benches and pvc seating. The room furthest to the left was the stage area where I did see some comical cabaret involving the Royal Family. There was also a small shop in the corner of the main room selling a nice range of paddles, floggers and other pieces which came in handy as neither my friend or I came prepared.

As we arrived quite early, we were able to take part in Jessica’s rope workshop which was really informative and fun. Having never used rope myself, it was nice to learn a few basic techniques and by the end of it I had a sub on the floor, with his hands and ankles tied together! I think I am a natural! After the rope workshop, there was the ‘select-a-slave’ game which was ridiculously fun. The Femdoms were divided into groups and given a scorecard, the subs were also divided into groups and had to go from group to group doing what we asked them to do. Needless to say, my group asked the subs the most randoms of things, from twerking on the floor, to acting like cats to showing us their best dance moves. At the of the round, the sub with the most votes won a bottle of champagne which he had to share with the Doms.

After all that activity, it was time to mingle with everyone. My friend and I noticed straight away how beautiful the men were. We have gone to quite a few events together and we have never seen such a concentration of young, beautiful men who wanted to be dominated by us. It was like walking into a toy store. We met some wonderful men from all walks of life who were just happy for us to take the lead. As with most fetish events, the crowd is what makes the event, and this was no exception. There were quite a lot of people, all with the same goal; to have fun and be safe. The house slaves, as well as the Dom women working on the night were the most friendly and helpful I have come across so far.

I will say that as fetish events go, this is one of my favourite ones at the moment. It is nice to be in a space where women are given the opportunity to explore their desires in a safe environment. Even if you are not a Femdom, I truly believe that there is a dominant side to every woman, and being able to explore that area of yourself can in turn help you to become a better sub. The club also welcomes sub women who want to be dominated by other women, so there is a place here for everyone who want to worship us.

My only reservation, and it is only small, is that the cloack room was a bit pricey at £2.50 an item. Most women will have their coats + a bag so that’s already a £5 and you are not in yet!! I would suggest as this is an event for women, that we should be paying less or nothing at all (*hint hint*)

Pedestal takes place every two months, you can have more information by clicking here.

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