Klub Verboten: My thoughts



If you follow me in IG or are a friend of mine on FB, then you would have some sort of idea of the kind of nights I tend to go to. If you don’t, then you may have remember a little post I did a few years back about Torture Garden or my very first Fetish Night. Basically, I am very much someone who enjoys fetish nights out with a club twist. Because who doesn’t like to see naked bodies dancing to industrial music?

A club night that has become very popular recently is Klub Verboten. As the name suggest, the club is very much inspired by the club scene in Berlin, and it goes that extra mile to ensure they keep it as authentic as possible. So think of industrial locations, techno, latex and dark lights. The club is fairly new in comparison to other more popular events like Torture Garden or Anti Christ, but because of this, the event is a lot more intimate and friendly.

Verboten (forbidden in German) is a members-only club. The membership application is not the easiest as you need to prove that you are in the ‘scene’ by providing links to your social media. So if your social media is clean-cut or you simply do not use it, then your chances of gaining membership are practically zero – the only way you can gain access is by tagging along with a member. Because of this vetoing process, the people who attend are very much like-minded and newbies are rare . The downside of their limited number of memberships is that you tend to bump into the same people at every event. Whereas this also happens at bigger venues, in such a small place, the chances to meet new people decrease per event.

The location of the club is kept a secret until the night before the event. However, the past couple of events have been held at the same location, so I am certain that this will be it’s home for some time. The location is nowhere near a tube station, but the club provides a free bus shuttle service to the club from the nearest tube stations which is a really nice touch. The venue is on the small side, with one main room divided into three sections by light projectors. If you are someone who tends to go to places like Electrowerks or the Coronet (a venue that it is still very much missed) then this place will feel like a very small bar. I particularly liked that about this place, as it was easier to move from the dance floor to the dungeon or to the bar but I can see how some people would have a problem with it. My only suggestion would be to make the smoking area a bit more social, so maybe add some sofas and heaters as I do find myself going outside from time to time when I get too hot from all the dancing. Again, this is something that other fetish night do offer and I think this would be nice touch.

The music can only be described as Berlin techno, with an industrial twist to it. I know the owners of the club go to great lengths to fly in the very best of djs from Berlin, and it truly shows. The sound systems are really out of this world as well, so the music is loud. Again, I think an outside space would be ideal here as I did find myself not being able to chat to people comfortably as the music was just so loud – but it was great for dancing.

Now on to the kinky part (isn’t that what you all want to hear?) The Dungeon is small, but it has all the furniture you need if your fetish is more on the flogging, spanking kind. I was actually happy to see the size of the dungeon considering the limited amount of space. I went to the Zara du Rose party back in January and the dungeons were very small in comparison of the space they had available. It was also good to see that most people in the dungeon were participating and not just sitting there watching – I understand the excitement of being watched, but sometimes I find the ratio of participant/spectator a bit off.  There was also never a queue to use the equipment which is always a plus! The couples room was also very well thought out, with plenty of red sofas, a latex bed and dim red lighting. The people looking after these play areas were superb too – friendly but firm – so everyone could have fun without worrying.  Overall, the kinky aspect of the night is what really sets this club apart.

The real question is, would I go again? I most definitely would. I do hope they increase the number of memberships in order to ensure the crowd is not always the same, and maybe add a nice outside space with an outside bar (there is only one bar and it gets crowded) but apart from these small picks, it is still a superb night out.


3 thoughts on “Klub Verboten: My thoughts

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