Book Review: Sword of Destiny by Andrzej Sapkowski

Well, here we go with another book review – I promise that the next post will be a little different, but for now I am really enjoying getting back to reading and losing myself into a good story. Last month it was finally the time to read the second part of the Witcher series (disclaimer: I am reading them in chronological order, not the order they were written by) and I am so glad I did – if anything I cannot believe I took such a gap between reads!


Sword of Destiny is the second and last book of short stories before the actual novel series begins. It takes a similar form as the first book, The Last Wish, but in here the stories are longer and they interlink further than in the first book. The book doesn’t feel like such an introduction as some of the characters from the first book are present, so it feels more like the author is after setting the tone for the actual novel. In The Last Wish, the main story was that of Geralt and Yennifer, whereas in this book it was the introduction of Ciri, and as fans of the game know, Ciri is, along with Geralt, the protagonist of the story. I was so excited to finally read her name and know about her origins and her story. The fighting of monsters are not as present in this book than in the first one, but this one has all the character building you need to really get into the story. This is still just a collection of short stories, so we don’t get a long of story time between Ciri and Geralt but the glimpse that we get is so filled with emotion, that you automatically feel a connection with them. It is also a lot easier to get lost in the story if you are fan of the game so I would be keen to know how non-gamers feel about this story.

Overall this is a very enjoyable book, very much like the first book, and it is a prime example of fantasy literature done right. The book has the ability to create magical worlds that feel real and palpable, as well as characters that are relatable and believable. There are still plenty of action for those who want that, but it also enough human story so that the action has real purpose and meaning.

Honestly, this is so far turning into one of my favourite series and I cannot wait to finally start the novels. This is definitely a recommendation for anyone who wants a book that is not only magical but also easy to read and get lost in.

I am currently reading one of the most bizarre stories I have ever read so watch out for that, but first up I will raving about a new anime I have discovered and fallen in love with!

Until next time!

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