Food Review: M Threadneedle St

On New Year’s Eve Hubs and I decided to head out for an early dinner in order to celebrate the end of year. Usually going to central on New Year’s Eve is about as bad an idea as eating a kebab at 5 am in a dodgy part of Croydon, but we were smart enough to chose the city rather than the West End so it was actually pleasantly quiet and civilised (mind you we had reservation for 6.15 pm so maybe it was too early to tell)

Hubs chose the M restaurant in Bank (they have another branch in Victoria) which is relatively a new place (opened in 2015) and won the OpenTable’s Diner away that same year. The concept is quite simple: a raw restaurant on the right, a steak house on the left and a bar upstairs. We obviously turned left.

The first you notice when you arrive is the staff: a pair of tall blonde lookalikes came to greet us and take our coats while a third one kindly showed us to our table. The place is all dark wood, low lights and velvet booths. If a restaurant was depicting sex, this would be it. I guess as the restaurant is set in the heart of the banking industry, it had no choice but to depict the area as for what it is. Even the clientele consisted of hedge fund managers and their respective 20-years younger partners, which made people-watching all the more fun.


Now on to the food- we went for their 3-course menu with unlimited prosecco for 90 min. The prosecco was indeed filled every so often so kudos on that front. Following the prosecco, they have us some black taramasalata with crispy bread which was really good, followed by the nicest piece of sweet bread I have had in a while with salty butter. I was already in carb heaven.

For starters I had the Chicken Karaage with wasabi mayonnaise which was basically two pieces of fried chicken on a wasabi sauce. The coating was crunchy with a kick while the chicken was tender and juicy. Best fried chicken I’ve had in my life, no joke! I am still thinking about it and I would be there now if it wasn’t because I am not a vegetarian and this dinner was my last carnivore one ( I am glad this chicken was part of my last meal!) The Hubs had the Sausage with white beans which he liked but he preferred mine.

The mains were steak, with chips and mushrooms. They had a range of sauces to choose from so we opt for the black alioli and the Maytag blue cheese. These were for £3 a pop which for me is strange as I’ve never had to pay for my steak sauce separately but oh well, this is Bank after all. The meat was tender, the chips hot and crispy and the mushrooms flavoursome. The alioli was really good but the blue cheese needed more cheese as it almost felt like I was eating pure butter.

Now on to the disappointing part- the desserts. The set menu had two options so we choose both so that we could share it. The first one was a Dulce Mousse with a buckwheat, BACON AND SWEETCORN ice-cream. Yes you read that right, bacon and dulce de leche all in the same plate. I am all for experimenting with flavours but the ice-cream was like eating a liquefied breakfast, the taste of bacon was overwhelming whereas it should have been a lot more subtle. The mousse also lacked flavour which only intensified the savoury taste of the ice-cream. Nonetheless, the couple next to us had the same dessert but they seem to enjoy it, so maybe it was just us, but honestly it was so unpleasant it almost ruined my night! Luckily we had the pumpkin cake as well which was nice but the portion was extremely small and the sauce was nowhere as sweet as it should have been.

Image result for dulce mousse bacon ice cream

The bill came to £103.00 including service charge which is not bad considering the amount of prosecco I had and the fact it is in the city. Would I recommend it? Yes, the food is decent and the decor is quite lavish too so it would be the ideal place for a first date or if you are celebrating an event. On a side note their toilets are those fancy Japanese ones so check those out too if you ever go, lol.

Until Next Time,

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