Day 4: My London

If you live in London and are a fun of the ES Magazine on Fridays, then you would be familiar with the ‘My London’ section which is usually found on the last page and it involves asking a famous person questions about London. I love that section along with the food reviews by Grace Dent, so without further ado, this is My London.

Home is...

North/West of the river. Always

Image result for st johns wood

How long do you take to get ready in the morning?

About an hour, I have a very good routine of shower/make up/getting dressed/drinking tea and heading out in about 55min. I actually time myself and try to beat my own time. Sad. I know.

Where do you stay in London?

As I live in London I’ve never had to stay over at a hotel but I would love to stay at the Hoxton Hotel or the W. I think a lovely evening spent watching a show in the West End followed by a cosy night in the city would be a lovely way to see London under a different light.

Image result for hoxton hotel

What is the first thing you do when you come back to London?

Make myself a strong cuppa with Coffee Matte, sounds gross but it is amazingly creamy with a sweet kick.

What are your favourite London discoveries?

Libreria in Shoredith for its curated selection of books and prohibition of fancy lattes and wifi; Zara in Long Lane for basic tees, Maltby Street Market for grilled cheese sandwiches and Black Rose in Camden for alternative wear.

Image result for libreria shoreditch

Best meal you’ve had in London?

The cod ravioli in Bottega Prelibato is out of this world. Actually anything from this restaurant is amazing and they have an extensive wine selection which is always a plus.

Image result for bottega prelibato

What is your biggest extravagance?

For many years it used to be shoes, but now I collect unusual corsets and coats.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Don’t worry about those who talk behind your back, they are behind you for some reason. 

If you had to be locked in a building in London overnight, which one would it be?

Don’t ask me why but it would be the Royal Albert Hall. There is something very fascinating about its architecture and the how fine-tuned its acoustic and sound proofing systems are.

Image result for royal albert hall


Best place for a nightcap?

It has to be The World’s End in Camden. It is an old school pub with that real smell of ale and beer, set amidst the craziness that is Camden.

Image result for the world end camden

Until Next Time!


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