Day 1: BFI Film Festival

So what best to kick start my 30 day challenge than by talking about an event which I am extremely excited about, and no, it is NOT Halloween for once. It is the BFI Film Festival which runs from the 5-16 of October and it is celebrating its 60th birthday this year. I have been a big fun of this event, but this year it has an amazing selection of movies which I cannot wait to watch.

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I am certain than most people in London would know about this event, but for those who are new to the world of cinema, I thought what best but to give you a run down of this festival.

The BFI was founded in 1933 and it is a cultural charity governed by the Royal Charter. The Film Festival itself was first introduced in 1957 with its aim to bring award-winning films from around the world to audiences who would not otherwise get the chance to see them. The festival culminates with the LFF Official Competition in where 12 movies are up for grabs for this prestigious award. You can view this year’s 12 entries and all the movies which are being showcased at this event by visiting their website here!

I won’t give you a long list of movies you must watch because I personally think that cinema is a very personal experience, but I will tell you the top 4 movies in my list, in case there are people out there who share the same taste when it comes to films as me.

  1. Your Name (shortlisted for the LFF Official Competition)

Mitsusha and Taki only meet in their dreams. That is all you need to know. Oh, and that is directed by the amazing Makoto Shinkai. Part of me cannot believe that someone has come up with this idea as I’ve been working on a very similar story line  for some time*sad face* but I will get over it and continue my story (which is due in 2050 at this rate)

Image result for your name anime


2. A United Kingdom

Based on the true story of how the President of newly independent Botswana married a British woman. Controversial and thought-provoking, it has David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike as the protagonists- two actors I really admire so watch out! Reviews so far have been a mixed bag which is making me watch this movie even more.

Image result for a united kingdom


3.  Arrival

Sci-fi movie about a linguistic professor (played by Amy Adams) who gets asked by the government to facilitate communication with aliens. DO I NEED TO SAY MORE?

Image result for arrival movie


4. Don’t Call me Son

Based on a true story, Pierre is a bi-curious and egoistic teenager whose world is turned upside down when he discovers that he was abducted at birth. Directed by Brazilian Anna Muylaert, it looks gripping, powerful and unpretentious.

Image result


So there they are. My top picks. I will, in due course, review them in depth once I have seen them, but honestly, I feel like I should take 3 weeks off work and set camp at the BFI. Who is with me?

Will you be taking part in the Festival? Let me know what films you are looking most forward to watching!


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