30 Day Writing Challenge

So I’ve been away from this little space for about 2 weeks, so apologies for that but honestly, where is time going?

September for me is always a time to re-charge the batteries and give the year one last push. It must be related to the start of the school year and the approaching of winter, but for me, fall is the time to really get the motivation and creative juices going and just go for it!

So, as a ‘last push’ I’ve decided to do something quite crazy and blog for 30 days straight, starting from today. There is not going to be a theme but the posts will cover topics which have already appeared on the blog, so no surprises (for now!). Also, I will not schedule my posts in advance- I will write every single day for 30 days. I feel like this will be a good exercise which will hopefully facilitate my writing process and hopefully build a new habit.

I will encourage everyone to join me on this challenge and see where it takes you!


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