Food review: Coq D’Argent

I always liked August in the City. All the fancy bankers and hedge fund managers leave for sunny France and if you are lucky you get some lovely days of sun and warmth. It also means that there is a higher chance to get a table at some of London’s top restaurants. Then there is also the wonderful Evening Standard dining special event which occurs every year around this time. The event basically consists of a number of curated restaurants which offer for a limited amount of time a 2 or 3 course special, usually under £50. It is a wonderful opportunity to sample some of the best cuisine in London for a fraction of the price and without the hustle of bankers trying to finish their deals to relocate to Geneva post Brexit.

So, on Monday evening, my friend and I ventured to Coq D’Argent in Bank to enjoy their ES menu which was 3 courses for £30 including a glass of brut. Alongside this menu they also had a Gluten Free menu of 3 dishes for £32 which is also a good price point if you ask me.

For starters I had the salmon which came along a side of crispy Melba bread and some condiments which were bought by the waiter. I wish the condiments (creme fraiche, shallots and so on) were left at the table to one’s content rather than served by the waiter in tiny portions. My friend had the goat’s cheese pastry which he said was crispy and flavoursome. So far so good.

For mains we both had the Lamb shank with mash potatoes which was pure comfort food. The meat was tender and full of flavour but the best part was the mash which was made with spring onions and herbs. It was so fluffy it basically melt in your mouth. The only downside is that there was no real gravy, so even though the lamb was tender, a bit of gravy goes a long way.

For dessert I had the chocolate with orange confit fondant with matcha ice cream which was really rich but was slightly dry. My friend had the vanilla panacotta with summer berries which was so delicious he had to fight me off the plate!

Overall, it was a pleasant dinner at a gorgeous location, specially on a hot summer day as the terrace is really spacious which is what they are renowned for. The a la carte menu is not cheap by any means so if you have had your eye on this for a while I recommend you get there quick!

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