Product Review: SuperGreens Berry Burst

As you may well know, I am all about eating a healthy diet and watching after what you eat. I have a very sensitive stomach and have been suffering from IBS and colic pains since I was a toddler. So for me, trying to stir away the pain is a daily struggle. I have narrowed down the list of foods that trigger these pains, but I am still in the lookout for things that alleviate my symptoms. If you suffer from IBS then you know the struggle.


A drink I have discovered not so long ago is Bioglan’s Superfoods Supergreens powder which come in either the Green only version or the one I got, the Berry Burst version. This is basically a bunch of greens and berries (over 20 ingredients!) which have been turned into powder and can be consumed as a short drink with water or mixed in with a juice. They are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, soy free and 100% natural. They are also bloody expensive (£22 per packet, but often Holland & Barrett have a two for one sale). They claimed they can aid digestion and give you an energising lift so I decided to bite the bullet and buy it.

The taste I must admit is not too bad, if you mix it with cold water or apple juice, it actually taste nice but it does have a grainy texture and a weird after taste. I have two teaspoons before the gym or in the mornings almost every day or at least every other day. At first, I didn’t think much of it, but after 3 weeks of constant use I can feel a difference in my digestion and also my skin! I must say that I have also upped my veggies intake so the combination of both are doing wonders for my health. I still need to increase my dosage of fiber which is something I am struggling with, so if you have any suggestions, please comment below!

I would say that if you have the money to spend, to definitely invest in this drink as it does help if you have serious digestion problems or simply need to increase your veggies intake.


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