It’s June Once Again



If you have been following this little space of mine for some time, then you would know that June is always a special month for me. It is my bday month as well as my anniversary month, not to mention it is also the start of summer (unless you have the misfortune to live in London like moi) so for me, this is a time for reflection and reset.

But before moving on, can we all just take a moment to realise how fast this year is passing by? I say it time and time again, but I do honestly feel like the older I get the faster the time goes. I wish there was a ‘PAUSE’ bottom somewhere, honestly, I just need to catch my breath. Life in a big city can be very stressful, and I do feel like like it is designed in that way so that you cannot spend life doing what you really want to do, and instead you become a slave for this crazy self-destroying capitalist world we live in (well that was a sombre thought!)

Anyway I really do not want to turn this post into a negative one, as we should feel so lucky to still be alive and live in the right place at the right time. I am a very compassionate person, and thus, I am always thinking of those less fortunate than me which ends up depressing my day but also makes me relish for what I do have. There are so many wars and tragedies going on at this precise moment, how dare I complain because my boss is a bitch? I mean, we all have those horrible days, but the majority of us have it so good, we should be thankful, shouldn’t we?

So what is the purpose of this post, you may ask? Well, such as certain people feel September is a time for new starts, I feel like June is my time to reset and start working on me again. And what best to stick to your goals than to publish it here? So, my goals for the next six months are:

  1. Keep my fitness up
  2. Vlog once a month
  3. Work on my book
  4. Start on my newsletter
  5. Read a book a month
  6. Stop watching reality tv shows

Well, now that it is written down for the world to see, I can actually see how these are actually obtainable goals and not as difficult as it sounded in my head. I do believe in the power of writing things down as a way of making things ‘official’. Also, nothing like visual stimulation to keep you motivated. I will keep you guys updated on how I am getting on throughout the course of these next few months, and will report back.

What about you guys? Do you have any goals? Let me know if the comments below, so we can motivate each other!






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