Restaurant Review…….The Diner

And the third post this month will once again involve food!!! Honestly, all I do is go out for dinner these days! I will promise my next post will be something different, maybe beauty for once! Anyways, last night I went to The Diner with a good friend of mine for a catch up.


What’s the vibe?

American diner as the name suggest, so red leather booths, wooden tables and neon lights. They have a few branches in London, so I don’t know how they all compare but this one was really small with about 10 booths so you could call it ‘cozy’.


Tourists! This is Covent Garden so it is to be expected. There were also a few cool kids wearing AA leggings and Doc Martins (you know the type!) The place is ideal for a catch up with friends but definitely too casual for a date or a more serious affair. I wouldn’t also bring my family here, but that’s my opinion, you may disagree.  For me this is the perfect place after you have had a few too many drinks and crave bad food.


Really good! When we first got there it was fully booked, so we had to wait but they directed us to the bar which once again had that 50s American diner feel. In order to speed the process they also took our food order while in the bar so by the time the booth became available, we got served our food straight away. The waiters were friendly without being too pushy.

And what about the food?

Well, I won’t sit here and say it was amazing because burgers and hot dogs are hardly gourmet food. I had the Taco salad which as you can see below, was huge. The salad ‘bit’ was good but the chicken was slightly dry and I wish the taco shell was softer. I had it with sweet potato fries which were also not the best. My friend had a burger which he really liked but was also unimpressed with his cheesy fries.


HOWEVER, the best thing in this place was this:


I would like to introduce you to my new favourite dessert ever; red velvet pancakes! Yup, you heard that right, RED VELVET PANCAKES. It is honestly the best thing since sex. The pancakes were also massive, and came with a berries compote, some sweet white sauce and a pot of maple syrup. Best thing ever. Skip the food and order a margarita and pancakes. You will thank me later.

Would I return?

YES YES YES. On my next cheat day I shall be there for the pancakes and margaritas, wanna join me?


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