Restaurant Review: Cilicia Cafe & Restaurant

So…two blog posts so far this month and both about food….well, I may as well turn this blog into a food one as that seems the only thing happening in  my life. Funny enough though, the older I get the less I spend on make up and clothes and the more I spend on days out. I feel like I get more pleasure enjoying some amazing food with friends than wearing the latest trends.

Moving on.

On Monday I decided to take the bus and explore Muswell Hill. This sleepy town in North London is one of my fav spots as it boats a diverse range of independent eateries, cafes, quirky shops and a Whole Foods (what else does a town need?) I went for a little walk in order to order some glasses from Specsavers (as my bigg a** destroyed my current pair) and saw this little place around the corner:



To say that I adore Greek food is an understatement;  while in Santorini last year, I swear I gained about 3 kilos in the space of a week! So when I saw this place, I knew I had to check it out.

The inside of the restaurant is cosy and informal. It has a bar at the end which is rather dark and tables set out in a cafe style. I sat by the window as it was very warm and I love to people watch while I ear. The waitress was a really friendly woman who served me straight away. Overall, amazing service. But what about the food?



The food was really good! I had the caprice salad and the tiger prawns with rice. The salad was really fresh with an actually ripe avocado (a rare thing these days) with a good splash of olive oil and vinegar. The prawn serving was massive and enough for two people. It was cooked in a tomato and wine sauce with mushrooms, caramelised onions and peppers. My only criticism of the dish was that you could taste a bit too much of the wine, but who is complaining here?

The two dishes plus a water bottle came to £16 which I don’t think is too steep considering how fresh the ingredients were and the huge portions!

Would I return? Hell yea!

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