A Night Out in London…Visiting Torture Garden


Back in January I wrote a little piece about the first time I went to a BDSM/Alternative club, which you can read here. For me that night was an eye opener to a different world, where everybody was welcomed and the topic of sexuality was openly discussed. I’ve since then, gone to a few more Anti Christ (as the event is called) nights, so I felt the time for me to attend one of the biggest Fetish night was due. And this is of course, Torture Garden.

Now, most people, me included, have heard of this event before, but like most people, I had no clue what it was all about. Last Saturday it was their 25th Bday celebration so I knew it was going to be huge. However,nothing could of warned me about how huge it was.

First things first; dress code. When I went to my first Fetish night at Anti Christ, the dress code was quite relaxed; black clothes/corsets/something a bit different, there wasn’t much of a strict code you had to follow. TG had a much stricter code when it came to the dressing up and even sent reminder emails so that everyone was aware of the dress code. I went for a Moulin Rouge theme with a corset dress, top hat and velvet peep-toe platforms. At the entrance of the club, they had a few ushers checking the outfits so I am glad I went all out.

Second, the queue! It was big night, and by the time we got there (about 10ish) the queue was about 300 people deep! You could already feel the energy and everybody was talking to everybody and making friends. The outfits were  so outrageous that many ‘normal’ people were outside asking for pictures! I was part of a group of 30, so you could say we were a loud bunch. If you are thinking of going to TG, I would recomend getting there for 9.30.

Once inside….. THE CRAZYNESS!! First of all, the people! I don’t think I have ever been to a place with so many people. It felt like there were thousands! Also, the event was held at the Coronet which is quite the venue, so I was pretty much lost the entire night. The place had a VIP area, a few dungeons, a medical room, about 8 bars, 5 dance floors and a lot of stairs! ( Do not wear heels you can’t walk well in cause you will suffer like I did)

I would say that the main ‘wow’ factor for me was the sex; there was a lot of it. A lot more than in AC, so it did take a while to get used to it. Everybody who was not in the dance floor was getting on with someone, so you could say that the love was in the air. However, there was a real mixture of people, so many were there for the dressing up and dancing, while some where there for the more fun activities. If you are into this lifestyle or want to explore it, this is a good place as it has a little bit of everything.

As like with any club, I did get a bit harassed by some unwanted attention but luckily I was with a group of friends who made sure I was well looked after. That for me is the biggest selling point; places like AC and TG are places were having fun and being friendly are very important elements so everyone is on the same page.

Would I go again? Definitely. It is not as relaxed as AC, but it is an amazing event. The energy is electrifying as there are so many people, and it still surprises me how friendly people are at these events.

If you are thinking of giving this a go, I would definitely recommend it as you can decide what you want to do, and there is no pressure in doing anything you do not want to do. Also, the music is really good, which is always a plus!

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