Review: The London Coffee Festival

‘I love coffee. I cannot live without coffee. Coffee is my life. I am Spanish after all!’

Growing up in Spain means that I was surrounded by the smell of sea salt, fish and coffee (what a combo!) from an ealry age. Our culture is all about socialising and spending time together, which we do either over wine or coffee. So you can say I know a thing or two about this lovely heavenly liquid.

My husband surprised me yesterday with tickets to the LCF which took place in Shoreditch. He got us VIP tickets which means we didn’t have to join the queue (which was ridiculously long ) and we got a free coffee cocktail (which was rank to be honest!) Anyways, I wanted to talk about my experience about this event, because I left the place with some questions about this entire industry.


First of all, I understand coffee is the new money-making machine, and out of nowhere there seems to be artisan coffee shops everywhere you go, but I cannot resist but feeling like all of this is bullsh*t to a certain degree. I understand the importance of having great quality coffee beans, filtered water, organic milk….but then when go down the trail of things like this:

‘This new XMLHFD 3000 Machine will deliver coffee at 60 degrees and not 55 degress like before’

‘This new grinder will grind finer than sand’

‘Our water filter make sour water purer than the holy water from the Vatican’

I know I am exaggerating but seriously, it is just coffee people. In Spain and Italy, people have their coffee, socialise for a bit and get on with their day. Stop trying to make this industry super technical and science-led. We are not trying to beat cancer with a coffee grinder. We just want a cup of some strong but delicious goodness. Get Over It.

Also, it saddens me to see that in an event with over 100 coffee suppliers, I only saw one Colombian and one Ethiopian company. The rest were all owned by American/European brands. It saddens and angers me that such a rich industry is powered and controlled by western companies. Wouldn’t it be nice if these large wholesalers were completely owned by the farmers?  Last night I spent about 45 minutes trying to see if I could buy coffee beans straight from source but had no luck! It is the same with chocolate; last year I saw a tv programme where people were asked the origin of cocoa, and most people said Belgium!!! Seriously?!?!?! No wonder this world is going backwards.

Anyway, on a more positive note, I actually discovered the best fudge in history:


Honestly, this stuff is dangerous! I had the banana and white chocolate fudge and the dark chocolate and sea salt one, and this is by miles the best fudge ever. They even suggested to add a piece to your cup of coffee and let me tell ya, chocolate sea salt coffee is my new jam!!!

So, did you go to the London Coffee Festival? If so, did you like it?


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