Restaurant Review: Vinoteca

I am a believer of restaurants over clubs. Food always win.

I have two friends I meet every few weeks or so to chat about everything over some good food and drinks. We have been doing these outings for almost a year, but it is only today when I had the idea of actually reviewing these places as they tend to be different places every time. So if you are after a new restaurant, I hope you enjoy these posts!


A few days ago we met at Vinoteca in King’s Cross.


What’s the vibe?

Dark wooden floors, leather chairs, large central bar. It feels like a wine cellar had a make-over by some guy from Shoreditch. It overall feels very welcoming, warm but also very trendy.


We went on Good Friday at lunchtime, so it was mainly families and group of friends, but I could see how this place will be filled with the after-work crowd during the week. Being so close to the station also means a lot of tourists.


Things started good, and we got served straight away. We got our starters soon after and then it all went downhill. Our mains almost took an hour to materialise and even though they apologised by providing us free coffee, they should have done more really, or just not take that long! Other tables were getting their orders before us so it seems it was unfortunately only our order which was delayed.

And what about the food?

Again, the food was neither a hit or a miss. We ordered a mixture between the fixed menu and the a la carte and it was alright. I had the leek and potato soup with creme fraiche which was nothing to rave about, but the fish croquettes with the what seemed like alioli/tartare sauce mixture was delicious. My friend had the cornish herrings on toast which he liked very much but we both agreed that the portion was way too big. For mains I had the stuffed mushrooms with polenta which sadly was too oily. He had the pork belly which needed more flavour. My other friend had the aubergine parmigiana which lacked the aubergine and was instead a bowl of bechamel and tomato puree. We didn’t have desserts and opt for coffee instead which was very smooth and satisfying.


Would I return?

I would but only for drinks and nibbles. I think the idea behind the restaurant is there but the execution needs working. They have a huge selection of wines, so I do see it as the place to be if you fancy trying a few different wines over a platter of cheese but that is as far as I would do.



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