Skincare on a Budget

I am a firm believer that skincare shouldn’t always cost an arm and a leg. I do believe in spoiling yourself with some luxury products, but there should also be beauty products which work great and don’t cost the earth. Without further delay, here are some of my favourite beauty products on a budget:

Boots Botanic Hot Cloth Balm

This is my most recent discovery, which was introduced to me by the ever so wonderful Caroline Hirons and once again, she doesn’t disappoint. Click on her name to read her in-depth review, but in a nutshell, this balm is just amazing at removing make up. It is a thick balm but turns into oil the moment it touches your face. Use it like you would any other balm, so  apply on a dry face and wipe it off with a hot flannel. It does wonders to my face and it even though I have oily skin, it doesn’t leave me looking greasy nor does it break me out. This little pot cost £8.99 so its a bargain!boots

Nivea Creme

I am amazed at the amount of people who have yet to try this cult product. My mother is a big fan which made me also fall in love with this product. It is basically a thick cream which can be used anywhere in the body. For me it is too rich for my face, but it is heaven when it comes to legs, elbows and hands. The smell always reminds me of when I used to spend lazy Sundays by the beach and it is just pure comfort. The 50ml version is my preference as it means it can travel with me everywhere. Price wise, it is a bargain at around £2.5o depending on the store.




Liz Earle EyeBright Eye Lotion

My last product in this post is also one of my favourite products. I have typical Asian skin so I naturally have dark eye circles which will always be there so no amount of skincare is going to resolve this. Concealer will! having said so, this lotion has improved the overall appearance of my eyes and does give me some sort of glow. I use it in the mornings to remove any mascara residue as well as at night before bed and my skin has never looked this good. It is priced at £13.95 for a 150ml but trust me when I say that 150ml will last you a good while.


liz earle


Until Next Time!




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