Let’s Talk About…Making More Time

If you live in a large city like me, you may feel like there is not enough hours in the day to do all the things you need to do. As a young person living in London, I work around 9-10 hours days, plus 1.3ohr travelling each day, so by the time I get home, I can just about manage to hit the gym without dying of exhaustion. The To-Do list barely gets done and the stress just builds up. Last year for me was a very stressful one and I felt I didn’t get as much done as I could have, so this year I’ve decided to make a few changes and prioritise my life better.

Below I have outlined some of the small changes I have undergone recently. Obviously, these are not for everyone, but if you are feeling stressed out, then this may help you. If you have other suggestions, I would love to hear them!

  1. Be a Minimalist

This for me has been the biggest change. I have been reading the Becoming Minimalist blog for some time, as well as Rachel Aust on Youtube, and this is a concept I always liked. I started small, so just removing old clothes and souvenirs but slowly my apartment has become a lot clearer and cleaner. The past month I have managed to remove a large bag worth of unwanted items a week which is shocking to me as I never knew I had that much stuff. Also, by throwing away unwanted things, I no longer feel the need to be buying things all the time as I know sooner or later I will be throwing it away. It also makes me realise the stuff I do need and use which is not as much as I though it would be.


I still have a long way to go, but even now, I can clean my house in under 2hrs whereas before it would take me an entire morning. Now I can spend Sunday morning reading in bed, or working on my jewellery line instead of bleaching away.

2. Prep your Clothes and Breakfast!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about why I always wear black. Having an uniform removes the time-consuming task of choosing an outfit every morning. On my day off, I get 5 hangers in front of me and prepare outfits for each day, down to underwear and tights (have you ever worn a dress only to find out you don’t have any clean tights left?)


I also prepare breakfasts in advance, so I always have boiled eggs in the fridge, ripe avocados, goats’ yogurt, granola and gluten-free bread. A well stocked cupboard and fridge does make life easier.

Just by prepping these two things, I save myself 30min each morning, so I can either sleep more (yeahhh baby) or prepare a blog post or dust the house real quick (cause I now  have less stuff you see)

3. Re-Think Goals and Say No More Often

Last year I felt like I worked extremely hard for little results. This year, I have narrowed my goals and decided that enough was enough. I decided that instead of having 5 to 10 goals every year and accomplishing none, I would have only 3 goals at any one time and not add anymore until one of those goals are accomplished. So far my 3 goals are to keep my fitness up until I loose 5kg, write a blog post a week and make 2 pieces of jewellery a month. They seem easy but when you have a busy schedule, even writing this blog post sometimes seems impossible. Once I have accomplish one of them or have noticed I have more time, then I may consider adding another goal.

My last tip is learn to say No. To Friends. To your Boss. To Family (within reason of course!) Its hard but if you feel overwhelmed, just claim some time back and chill. Yesterday was my first true day off in months and I loved it. I did nothing but stay in bed, watched a movie and workout (and ate in between those 3 tasks!) Take time to be by yourself and pamper yourself.

Wow, I just realised this post is quite long, sorry people! I guess I was in the mood to write. But in all seriousness, do not let life dictate your pace, make the changes you need to do to ensure you have the time that you need to get things done. The rest will take care of itself, trust me!


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