Geneva Jan 2016

As a birthday present, I decided to take my  husband on a mini holiday to Geneva. He has always wanted to go but never got around to it so I decided that it this would be the perfect opportunity, considering it was 35th bday.

We stayed at the Excelsior hotel which was a lovely 3 star hotel right in the heart of the city. The room was really nice, with cream walls, wooden furniture and simple linings. The staff were lovely and luckily we didn’t have any noisy neighbors.

The city itself was lovely as well, old building and churches and an amazing shopping avenue filled with every luxury brand you could think of. What I would say is that it is indeed a very expensive city, but I knew that from the research I did beforehand, so no surprises there ( a small latte in Starbucks sets you back £7, you have been warned!)

The real question is, would I go again? Not really. Even thought the city was beautiful, it lacked personality and it was practically dead after 6pm, so there isn’t much of a nightlife going on. The food wasn’t amazing either, and after a while you get bored of it all. I did hear that the real fun is by the Alps so we will definitely consider that once the next time.

Here are some pics of the trip


Until Next Time!!



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