My First Fetish Club

Whoah….now this is going to be an interesting post, don’t you think? Well, it is a long one, so sit, have a cuppa and enjoy!

I like new experiences. Good ones, as well as those that make me feel slightly uncomfortable. As part of my ‘living 2016 to the fullest’ idea, I wanted to do something which has been on my mind for some time: visit a fetish club. And so I did.


Earlier this month I went to the Antichrist Club’s Not NYE party which was held in Electrowerkz in Angel. When I booked my ticket, I didn’t know what to expect, but all the reviews online told me that the night was going to be awesome. As it is a fetish club, I knew I had to wear something appropriate, so I headed to Camden with Mum (yes, you heard that right!) and I bought the sickest looking corset and lace gloves I could find.

I was excited when the night arrived, but also a bit scared as in my head I kept thinking of weirdos in latex, perv men and dungeons filled with surgical tools. And to be honest, only the latter was partly true. Also, I was going on my own, meeting up with a bunch of people I never met before, so the whole thing was completely out of my comfort zone.

So like I’ve said, I went on my own, and met up with a group of people who also didn’t know each other at a bar nearby. We were all inside this bar with our coats on (and the heating was on full blast), and you just knew who was having a pre-drink as the people were either wearing a full-length coat, or didn’t give a sh*t and were already in fancy dress. I clicked with a girl who also was knew to all this, so we both decided to head to the club shortly after 10pm.

WHAT A NIGHT!!! The place was HUGE, with 3 dance floors, a chill out area, a BBQ area, a stage area, few bars and of course, a dungeon. People obviously took this seriously as the customes were out of this world. The best I saw was a couple dressed as wolves! What surprised me the most was how friendly people were. I found myself having some really good conversations which teachers/nurses/head of university departments/bankers/waitress. Everyone were just chilled and wanted to have a good time. There was also so much going on, that by the time I was finally feeling like one of the crew, it was almost 4am.

What also caught my attention the most wasn’t the sex or the amount of fresh on display (which was a lot), but how gender neutral the place was. When I go to a normal club, I always have to watch out for men, and ensure that I am not acting in a way which may be seem….I guess you can say promiscuous. At the AC, women and men were just there to have a good time. Not once did someone grope me (which was a nice change for once) and when a guy saw me, he would come to me and say I was pretty. Nothing more. It was refreshing to also find people who had normal day jobs and who were coming to these events because they could dress up and be whoever they wanted to be. For me, it was the best night out clubbing I have ever had. In my life. Ever (and I am not exaggerating)

The night definitely showed me a different size to London’s night life, and it was a side I truly enjoyed. Would I go again? Definitely!!

On another note, I have now found a new love for industrial music, who knew!!! haha

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